Feeling nostalgic

With all the exciting news and episodes of the new series, Gotham, flying around, it’s no surprise to us here at Mightier Than the Sword UK that Ben McKenzie is a great choice for the role of Detective James Gordon. We’re all looking forward to seeing the first episode on 13th October on Channel 5 in the UK but it has us all feeling a little bit nostalgic for the days when we first discovered Ben McKenzie in the heady days of youth in the first series of The O.C. So much so we may have gone ahead and watched the first three episodes of the teen drama series from the early noughties!

It hasn’t lost any of its magic, though we are aware that we may well have the the urge to play pirates vs. ninjas again at this rate.

Thus our web gremlins have been somewhat distracted today from adding new content to the site but they have promised that there will be some new shiny gifts for us after the weekend.

Our Christmas twitter campaign has also kicked off and has us talking about the festive season far too early, but it means we have discovered that C.S. Woolley has already done most of her Christmas shopping and what she hasn’t bought she has a list for and everyone is accounted for! We’re a little bit worried that she is too organised and all the time she has between now and Christmas that everyone else will be using to panic about presents she might well be using the time for more nefarious purposes. She’s promised to spend her time writing but somehow, we don’t believe her!

And finally for all those who are poetry buffs (as it’s World Poetry Day) there are currently two poetry compilation books out that are raising money for charity – one we have produced – Standing by the Watchtower, and the other has been put together by the wonderful ladies over at For Books Sake to raise money for Rape Crisis. The UK London launch was on 1st October and the UK Nottingham launch is set for 14th October. If you want more details about the Nottingham event please visit the Facebook page.


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