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So with today’s post we all wanted to say a big thank you to our lovely web gremlins who have worked so hard on getting the new Mightier Than the Sword UK site up and running. Having sat and watched some of what they have done I can’t quite believe they are still sane. The amount of time and effort they have put into making this looking amazing is really appreciated by all of us here in the office. And they still aren’t done! The site is going to continue to develop and improve as we find our feet and receive feedback from site users as to what they, or rather you, want to see more of.

If you have any suggestions then please get in touch with us via our contact us page.

We’ve seen the office in a flurry of activity today too with everyone preparing for the weekend. Some are heading into a weekend of working here in the office, others will be running about the country on personal errands and there a crazy handful who will be doing both! Though I know at least one person plans to spend the entire weekend watching every series of Red vs. Blue from start to finish just because the last episode of the latest series has finally aired…in fairness the rest of us are just a tiny bit jealous as we all secretly wish we could be doing that!

For all those who are finally off to University this weekend *cough*Oxfordslackers*cough* we wanted to say you shall be living in the shadow of two great literary giants – C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien – you have a lot to live up to!

Finally we wanted to make a special mention of a very talent author that has three extremely good books out that we think everyone should read, D.B. Martin. D.B. has written the Patchwork People series that you can get from amazon direct to your kindle and also has a YA book called Webs written under the name Lily Stuart – who also happens to be the main character! If you haven’t read these before or heard of them then you should check them out and you can even read our review of Webs!

Happy Weekend!

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