Our Wednesday Blues

As some of you out there may be aware, there are weeks when we here at Mightier Than the Sword UK end up putting in six days of work and some very late nights too (yes we do know it’s 2am, but we’ve had a lot to do). It’s on these weeks when we know there is a lot on that we can’t help but get the Wednesday Blues. It’s a bit like the mean reds that Audrey Hepburn talks about in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but rather than going around a department store in New York City we have our own little cure.

As book people you might think this involves going to a library or favourite book shop and if it were just the blues we were suffering from then you would be right. But when we have the Wednesday Blues there is but one cure – a visit to our local Grainger Games. Now there are those out there who will assume that it is because it is filled with technology, console games and other items to make geeks dance with joy and yes there is that aspect to it. What really chases away our Wednesday Blues is however the three wonderful people who work there – Mike, Dave and Sian.

Fun and friendly, they also remember us when we walk through the doors which is a wonderful thing in itself, but what makes it even better is no matter how badly we are suffering from the Wednesday Blues, these guys know how to make us laugh and fill us full of energy so that we can come right on back to work – possibly carrying more than we were when we entered the shop. So thank you, you three wonderful people for being our cure to the Wednesday Blues!

In other news, new lines have been added to the Cafepress store and there are now some pictures of some of the merchandise that you can purchase from the cafepress store over on our merchandise page.

Rising Empire: Part 1, Shroud of Darkness and Lady of Fire are all now available for £2.50 each from the Birdcage and Butterfly Etsy store in digital format (mobi, epub, PDF and rtf)

Other than that, the week is now half over! Rejoice and remember:


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