images (1)Writing through the ages has been one of the most important factors in the development of knowledge and recording history as well as being able to translate and understand ancient languages.

From the Rosetta Stone, to hieroglyphics, to text language writing, no matter what form it takes, it is an essential form of communication. Without it there would be no websites, no online blogs, no product descriptions, no textbooks, and possibly most important of all, no great literature and free print media.

However with the development of technology, the way different people write has changed. Snail mail has been replaced by email in some quarters, Facebook messaging, twitter, texting or even services like WhatsApp and BBM.

Using a typewriter to write a manuscript has been replaced by word processing, which has many advantages. These include being able to save a document and edit one version of the manuscript and spell and grammar check without having to start again.

We decided take a look at the different platforms that people use to write and why they have advantages over other forms.

Write on a Laptop

Using word processors became something of a revolution when they became available for the general public. It meant that spelling errors and grammatical errors could be greatly reduced when typing out documents at home or at work.

It also meant that quite a few people that had never typed before in their life suddenly had to learn how. The most interesting thing to note about most people who type is that they still only use two fingers to do so, one on each hand even now.

Documents can also be stored on computers in order to be proof read, edited or modified later without having to start from scratch, as you would with a page that contained errors that had been typed on a typewriter. These files can then be sent via email around the world without the need for expensive postage almost instantaneously.

However using word processors on desktops, laptops and netbooks in order to write whether that is novels, letters, reports, emails or blog posts has led to a dramatic increase in the number of people that suffer from RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury due to using the keyboard on these devices.

Those that suffer from RSI can use a variety of devices to relieve the symptoms, but suffer from intense pain and can even lose the ability to pinch.

Write on a Typewriter

Typewriters are almost a forgotten form now that word processing has taken their place in typing but there are still some people who own them and use them.

The sound a typewriter makes is somewhat comforting to sit and listen to and can’t help but bring to mind rooms full of women typing away that are seen on old world war film reels.

There is something that is now very nostalgic about using a typewriter. Though they have no spell checker function, no real way of deleting mistakes and if something goes wrong with the ribbon then it can take a long time to sort out.

There is also the problem of hitting the keys too quickly that leads to the letter arms getting stuck and needing to be separated by hand.

Creativity wise though, typewriters are preferred by many because they don’t feel as soulless as word processing does and re-typing the odd page to correct a mistake is seen as a small sacrifice in order to maintain a sense of integrity.

Not only this, but with the rise of the popularity of all things retro and steampunk, typewriters have become somewhat cool for all their faults.

Write By Hand

When you write by hand there is something very personal about it as your handwriting style is different from anyone else’s. What you write on a page is a reflection of your personality as much as the clothes you wear, the music you listen to and the gadgets that you buy.

Writing behind also lets you experiment with different styles from calligraphy to writing with a standard biro. Each different pen or pencil effects how you write and often takes much longer than typing does.

Yes there is the problem of spelling and grammar errors on the page, but by hand writing to someone instead of using a computer to write an email there is more of an inference that people care enough to have taken more time over it.

Problems of ink running, paper tearing and not being able to read what you have written are things that do put people of writing by hand as well as the length of time it takes to write by hand compared with typing.

Write on Tablet

Tablets for writing blog posts, sending emails or other messages are far more portable and easy to use than netbooks, laptops and desktop computers and come with the same advantages.

However tablets don’t have the same capacity to save lots of documents as laptops do and though there is a shift towards digital storage, many people feel more comfortable having a local copy stored, one on a backup external hard drive as well as a cloud copy.

This is due to many clouds having several problems that have included files being deleted from the cloud without any instruction being given and the cloud wiping the locally stored copies as well.

Some tablets can be used to write directly onto the screens so that you can easily take notes and store information in the short term instead of having to type on the touch screen or use clip on keyboards.

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