5 Days to go!

Front End of Days 1200Yes it’s just 5 days to go until End of Days will be released in paperback and digital format and we are all very excited about it!

End of Days marks the third and final installment in the Venetia, Gruagadon and Aksoth Story arc in the Chronicles of Celadmore and it promises to be something pretty spectacular.

“There is so much to go through in this book, much more than I thought when I first started writing it.” C.S. Woolley told us earlier today when we were talking to her about how she felt about bringing an end to a trilogy that she first started working on over 15 years ago!

“It doesn’t feel like it’s been 15 years since I first started writing about Venetia and Gruagadon. Originally it was one book called Sparrow’s Flight, the name was one of the first things to change as I went through writing it. After 12 years of working and going back and changing things and getting finally finishing what was Shroud of Darkness, I realised that there was so much more I wanted to do with the story and it had to be broken down into three books. This led to Lady of Fire and End of Days being created.”

This book goes through and ties up some of the loose ends of the previous books and answers questions about what happened to certain characters. “There are old faces like Dominia, Crxyander, Gevana and Merchi still in there, as well as larger roles for the Eight and even some brand new characters making appearances.”

But is this the end for the Chronicles of Celadmore?

“No, the Chronicles of Celadmore doesn’t end here. After Rising Empire: Part 2 and Rising Empire: Part 3 come out later this year, I will be working on the next story arc but I am not giving away any details about was is going to happen next. All I can promise is that there are plans and plot lines all in place for another 12 books after End of Days as well as plans for a fifteen part series focusing on the Dragonian Wars.”

Fans of Celadmore can rest assured that End of Days is not the end, but as the tagline from Rising Empire: Part 1 says “This is just the beginning.”

As part of the launch for End of Days there is a crowdspeaking campaign being run by C.S. Woolley on HeadTalker. If you want to help support it and join in with all the release day joy then simply visit the headtalker campaign page and sign up to tweet, tumble or facebook about the book!


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