Beyond Books Author Takeover Winners!

Well what a day that was! Great to see C.S. Woolley promoting her books in a positive way with an intro video that had her drinking tea in the pub.

As we posted on Thursday, the author takeover event had a lot of cool prizes up for grabs and the winners have been selected! As some people entered via this website and via twitter, we’ve posted the winners here as well as through the event page so that people can see if they have won. To claim your prize please contact us to get them sent out to you!

So #filmnoirsirenstyle – the Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren photo competition winners:

1st – Nicole Nally
2nd – Joanne Kershaw
3rd – Sam Moden

The Chronicles of Celadmore Answer:
“The battlefield; a place where heroes are made, legends thrive, myths enthral and lives are broken.”
The opening line is the same for each of the books in the series!

The Chronicles of Celadmore Competition Winners:
1) Tony Crazycrazy Davis (he was lightning fast on finding the answer)
2) Tia McCallum
3) Carmen Lane
4) Lionel Kirscher
5) Tom Christy

The Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld Competition Answers:
Barlow is the maiden name of my paternal grandmother and Clegg is the maiden name of my maternal grandmother.

The Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld Competition Winners:
1) Coralie Tringham
2) Jane Howard
3) David Coburn

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