So Winter is Coming! And I couldn’t be more excited! Granted if there were whitwalkers out there, I might be a little less enthusiastic, but then again there would be the men of the nightwatch to balance things out.

I love winter, more than stretching out in the heat of the sun, more than having longer light hours, only slightly more than autumn evenings that are full of smokey smells and crisp leaves under foot – I am romanticising, I know, but winter for me is the best time of year – snuggling up under blankets as the night draws in, eating hot soup with freshly baked bread, taking a long hot bath after being outside for a few hours, Christmas (I do love Christmas) snow, being able to see your breath, drinking whiskey and mulled wine to warm you up after a brisk walk – yes to me, winter is the best time of year.

But I know that isn’t the case for everyone. For a start there is little to no cricket, which is not a good beginning, but on a more serious note – winter brings problems for a lot of people. Icy pavements are dangerous to walk on for a lot of people, not just the elderly, driving conditions are more treacherous, people have to choose between heating their homes and feeding themselves due to the rise price of fuel and then there are those who are isolated and those who suffer from conditions like depression.

I would really encourage people to remember this in the coming weeks, I’m currently raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support throughout September as they not only provided help for the emotional side of dealing with cancer, but the financial side as well. Each copy of my Shroud of Darkness boxset that is purchased during September will see £2 going to Macmillan. I’m aiming to raise a minimum of £2,000 for the charity. That’s only 1,000 copies of the boxset, so please, help if you can afford it, if not then please share this so that more people can learn about the great work Macmillan do and that no one should suffer alone. to purchase the boxset to learn more about macmillan

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