We’re Rubbish – We Know!


We’re rubbish, we know! We didn’t make it three days into advent with keeping up with everything that was going on and that this year we haven’t posted anything yet.

We’re all very sorry. It’s been a terrible time for all here – we’ve had illness galore, people leaving the country (someone not shutting up about cricket for nearly seven months), family tragedy and all sorts of disasters that have slowed us down and made updating the site more difficult than it should be!

But rest assured, we are now back on the case!

We have some new author news, newsletter updates, an exciting competition coming up, new books to present, TV series news, exciting new promotion opportunities, interviews, book reviews, UK Indie Lit Fest news, new merchandise and pre-order news!

So we’ll be posting a lot over the next few days and weeks to get back on track and make sure that everything is as it should be!