Steven M. Caddy on In Exchange: Part 2

Steven M CaddyQ. What is your name?
A. Steven M. Caddy – but most people call me Steve.

Q. What is your date of birth?
A. April 1978.

Q. Where were you born?
A. Stoke-on-Trent.

Q. Where did you grow up?
A. Mostly in and around Grantham

Q. What is your favourite sport?
A. Ice hockey. I’m an avid fan of the Nottingham Panthers.

Q. Where did you go to primary school?
A. Partly in Essex and partly in Lincolnshire. I had quite a change of pace of life.

Q. Where did you go to secondary school?
A. The King’s School, Grantham.

Q. Where did you go to university?
A. Aberystwyth.

Q. What is your favourite colour?
A. I like dark blues and purples.

Q. What is your favourite film?
A. Stand By Me.

Q. Last film you saw at the cinema?
A. Risen.

Q. Who is your favourite author?
A. Ugh, I admire many, and can’t name one – John Green, Philip Pullman, Susan Collins… they’ve all taught me different things about writing.

Q. What is your favourite book?
A. The Amber Spyglass.

Q. What is the last book you read?
A. Susan Kaye Quinn – Open Minds.

Q. Who is your favourite band?
A. The Beautiful South.

Q. Have you ever seen them live?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you have a favourite song?
A. Your Father and I. Only real TBS fans seem to know it though.

Q. How long have you been writing?
A. Just over four years.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration from?
A. Things I’ve done, situations I’ve been in. Life is so crazy, you can’t make it up.

Q. So your friends and family are supportive?
A. Yes.

Q. Are you an animal lover?
A. Yes, but I don’t have any pets, and I’m not vegetarian.

Q. Do you have other creative outlets besides writing?
A. I play keyboards and church organ. Sometimes I get the two mixed up. Let It Go and the theme tune from Howards Way both sound awesome on pipe organ.

Q. What is your favourite flower?
A. Lavender, for both the colour and the smell.


In Exchange is currently available for pre-order for Smashwords, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and Kindle readers, priced at $2.99, and will be officially launched on 12th April 2016.
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