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Lady of Fire is the fifth book in the Chronicles of Celadmore, the second book in the Shroud of Darkness trilogy and the second book in the series to be written.

“I’d finally finished Shroud of Darkness after 12 years of writing it, I was so sick of writing the series that I had to take a break from it. In fact, I took a break for a while from writing and Lady of Fire is the book that I came back to writing with.”

Things are looking bleak for Celadmore as Lady of Fire moves the characters from this generation down a road of war.

“A lot of the characters had to grow up in Lady of Fire, they had to put aside childish notions of what they wanted the world to be like and face up to the reality that was in front of them – find hope and joy wherever they could. It’s something I was going through myself when I was writing the book. At the time I hadn’t intended to pour so much of what I felt into the book, but now that I go back and look at it, I’m really glad I did. I think the story is stronger for it.”

When it comes to reviews, Lady of Fire seems to be fairly well received so far.

“This sequel to Shroud of Darkness picks up exactly where the previous book left off without even missing a beat. The opening sees the characters from the previous book reeling in the wake of the plot twist and deciding what they will do next.

Having been led through Shroud of Darkness not seeing the plot twist coming, Lady of Fire is full of revelations that make all the little nagging elements from Shroud of Darkness make much more sense. The feeling you have all the way through that Gruagadon shouldn’t be trusted but you can’t help but ignore the doubts about him because of how well he present himself.

Some of the loose ends from Shroud of Darkness are tied up and the development in relationships between the characters is wonderful. One of the best parts of this book is how the minor characters such as the children of the royal line have time to develop and really make you invest even more in the world of Celadmore and what they are struggling with.

Can’t wait to see what happens next.” – Taken from Goodreads

“Lady of Fire has some really brutal moments in it for the characters, things happen that completely transform relationships and also put their reputations on the line. It’s much grittier than Shroud of Darkness and the outlook really isn’t great for Celadmore.”

Lady of Fire is available for £1.99 in digital formats and £9.99 in paperback formats from all good retailers. You can get your copy now from amazon.

Did you know?

Lady of Fire was the first book in the Chronicles of Celadmore to get a catchy tagline? All the books have a short tagline to go with them, but Lady of Fire was the first to have one.
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If you already own a copy of Lady of Fire, then the fun doesn’t have to stop there! A line of Chronicles of Celadmore merchandise has been created and some of it is already available for purchase!

Lady of Fire Mug

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Other Lady of Fire Merchandise

Chronicles of Celadmore Logo Poster

Map of Celadmore Poster

A range of notecards and other posters featuring the character faces and quotes (some of which you can see further up in this blog post) are due to be released along with a range of bookmarks and postcards** slightly later this year. The notecards and posters featuring the characters are being released to raising money for charity. 50% of the profits from every sale of the notecards and posters featuring the characters are to be split between two charities – 25% of the profits going to the Broad Appeal and 25% of the profits going to the British Heart Foundation. Though we don’t have an official release date for these yet, we do know you will be able to order them for collection at the UK Indie Lit Fest (that C.S. Woolley and Steven M. Caddy are attending) and you will be able to purchase them for delivery through this site as well as through Etsy.

** the designs for the bookmarks and postcards have yet to be released.

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