Penelope Wallace

penelope-wallace-authorWe are thrilled to announce a new author in our ranks – the lovely, and talented, Penelope Wallace.

Penelope is a fantasy author of young adult fiction. Her debut novel, We Do Not Kill Children, is due for publication on 14th November 2016.

We will be bringing you more details, sneak peeks, a cover reveal and details of a launch party as time goes on. For now, we hope you will be intrigued by  a brief glance into the world of Ragaris.

You can find out more about Penelope on her very own author page or on her website. Stay tuned to Mightier Than the Sword UK for more updates as we have them!

“In the last village, they warned him to go no further, but he went on.  His heart was stone, and he went on.  At last he came to the Place.   A ring of great stones, taller than a house, put there by long ago people.  He said, ‘I have come here to die’, and stepped into the circle under the moon.  And he died.”

“Why?  What killed him?”

“The Old Stones killed him.  It is the Place to Die.  The place killed him, and his despair.”

A little about We Do Not Kill Children:

Dorac started from nothing, but became a member of the King’s Thirty; the heroes of Marod.  Now, convicted of child murder, he has lost it all; and he heads for the legendary Place to Die, accompanied, to his disgust, by a boy seeking adventure.


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