NaNoWriMo 2016

It has begun! Yes, the month of November is the time for writers of any ilk to pick up a pen (or sit at a laptop) and try their best to scribble down the ideas that come tumbling out of their heads.

Our boss and Mightier Than the Sword UK Overlord, C.S. Woolley takes part each year and it is through NaNoWriMo that she met one of our other authors, Steven M. Caddy!

NaNoWriMo opens all kinds of doors to writers around the world and sets up competition between writing circles as well as gives the creative people who produce tall tales of wonder like minded people to talk to about their latest work.

This year, C.S. Woolley will be working on When Darkness Falls during NaNoWriMo and you’ll be able to keep up with the book as it is produced through Smashwords – by this we mean that the first chapter has already been written, proofed and uploaded for you to get your hands on and find out what is happening next in the realm of Celadmore.

When Darkness Falls is book #7 in the Chronicles of Celadmore series.

WDF Coming

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