We Do Not Kill Children Release

It’s official, the debut novel from Penelope Wallace is here, and we couldn’t be more excited!

We Do Not Kill Children is out today across a wide range of platforms that include:


App Store
iBooks UK
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Barnes & Noble

iBooks Australia
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You can also find out more about We Do Not Kill Children in the books section of our site. You can get We Do Not Kill Children direct from our Etsy Store in digital and paperback format.

About We Do Not Kill Children

front“We do not kill children; we do not commit rape; we do not take pleasure in torment.”

Dorac Kingsbrother was one of the King’s Thirty in the kingdom of Marod. That was before he was found guilty of the murder of Lord Gahran’s three children. Though Gahran was a traitor, his children were innocent. The code of the King’s Thirty leaves no room for such a barbaric act, and for this heinous crime Dorac faces a life in exile.

The shame of such a sentence is something that Dorac can’t brook, and so he sets off on a journey to the Old Stones, the place where those that seek death meet their end. Followed by Gormad, a child in search of adventure, Dorac is not alone on his final journey.

But not everyone believes that Dorac is guilty. Gemara Kingsister, head of the Six, investigates the murder of Gahran’s children; though there is more at stake than the life of a lone warrior in this, the first of the Tales from Ragaris.

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