What we published in 2016

2016 has been a big year for us here at Mightier Than the Sword UK, so we’re taking a look back at all the titles that we have published in 2016 with a few details about the books in case you missed them being released.

We Do Not Kill Children by Penelope Wallace

The debut novel of Penelope Wallace came roaring in at no. 4 in the Christian fantasy chart on its first day of release and we couldn’t have been more chuffed about it (and neither could Mrs. Wallace). The tale of Dorac Kingsbrother took us on a fantasy journey that we loved and can’t wait for the sequel!

In Exchange by Steven M. Caddy

Space might be the final frontier, but with Steven M. Caddy’s debut novel we got to discover life in space but also what it was like discovering the Earth for the first time through the eyes of someone who’d only ever known what it was like to live in a space station.

FATE by C.S. Woolley

A number 3 best seller in the Norse chart on amazon, the Children of Ribe series was an accidental series that came out of nowhere. It wasn’t on any part of the scheduling rota that we have in the office, we weren’t even aware it was being written until C.S. Woolley turned up and said she had a Viking book that was for children and ready to be published. Cue some cover design and character design and before we knew it, there was a Viking Saga that is set to span 24 books being published!

WAR by C.S. Woolley

WAR followed FATE pretty quickly because of fan demand for the books. The cliffhanger that FATE ends on demanded that there be a follow-up that C.S. Woolley was only too happy to provide.

WIFRITH by C.S. Woolley

After WAR came WIFRITH, one of the few books we can say that we’re pretty sure no other book shares a title with. Things got worse for the people of Ribe and the children found themselves scattered across the islands of Fyn after they were told never to split up by the elders.

Rising Empire: Part 3 by C.S. Woolley

It was a long time in the coming after being on sale and then off sale and rewritten and problems with the file that was uploaded to amazon – basically everything that could have possibly conspired to go wrong with this book pretty much did. However, after much hard work and lots of time spent rewriting and reformatting and checking that the download file on amazon was actually there in full, we got Rising Empire: Part 3 and a conclusion to the Rising Empire trilogy.

Rising Empire Trilogy Boxset by C.S. Woolley

With Rising Empire: Part 3 finally released, we also got the full trilogy for Rising Empire, so that rather than having to buy all three books separately you could get them all in one go and save a chunk of cash too.


A Thief in Stickleback Hollow by C.S. Woolley

It was a book we certainly weren’t expecting, but we are glad that we got it! A charming tale of a Victorian lady spending the first 20 years of her life in India until the death of her parents. Not keen on going from the wild excitements of India to the industrial and society filled London, she ends up in the north, in Cheshire to be precise where a host of mysteries await her. We can’t wait for the next one, though it looks like it will be a couple of months before C.S. Woolley gets round to writing the next one.

For more on what to expect from Mightier Than the Sword UK, please see our “What’s coming in 2017” post for more details about what is set for release and when.

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