10th Day of Advent

It’s just over two weeks until Christmas now, and the advent calendar continues merrily on. Today we are back in the realm of Celadmore with the 2nd diary entry from Caslo Morgan.

2650GL 11th Sprengan

I was brought before the Elders this morning. They started by presenting me with all my faults and short comings that they had noted during my training. Three hours later the Eight were brought in. Shammah was still clearly taking the loss of his brother to heart, but his grief did nothing to diminish his stature as a warrior. His entrance into the council hall was enough to impress even Queen Annalia herself; silence enveloped the room as he stepped into it. Not a soul dared to breathe as he passed by, the effect of having a living legend before those that have only heard of the war is something that I cannot even begin to describe.

Mordecai, one of the Elders, told me that the final part of my training was to ride as part of the Eight, that when the time came for my task to begin I would be called for. That riding as one of the Eight is my final test made me worried, for the first time since I arrived on the homeland, as to what my task actually would be. Not even the gossips that seem to know of every move that every soldier on the mainland makes know what it is I am being trained for.

Shammah did not look impressed that I was to join his company. It is hard to describe the look of disgust that filled his face when I was presented to him as a new member of the Eight. Before now, the Elders have not been the ones to choose who rides as one of the Eight. It has always been the leader who has suggested warriors to the royal line and vice versa, the members being chosen by the consensus. The Elders have been scrambling for years to have more power, to even place themselves as equals to the royal line. Fortunately King Marlo is too strong a man to allow them to take too much and Queen Annalia could disband them upon a whim if she desired, but still the idea that they are slowly chipping away at the structure of our government makes them no better than Valians in my opinion.

I have not been introduced to the other members of the Eight. Eleazar and Tulsana will not be riding with the Eight any longer either. Tulsana died this morning and went to join Elika and Elhanan in Halsanda. By Arala’s will, Eleazar lives and is growing stronger, but it will be many months before he is fit to fight again.

I am to travel with Shammah, Maharai, Helez and Jashobeam to Castle Anamoore to meet with Queen Annalia to discuss who will be replacing those that have fallen. The gossips have reported that Lady Morrigan and all the young princesses of the Order will also be there.

With the amount of supposedly secret and confidential information that is being openly discussed on the streets of Queteria, I wonder at how inept the spies of the other nations of Celadmore really are when they know nothing of our activities.

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Shroud of Darkness Trilogy

A fantasy book trilogy that was 16 years in the making. The trilogy follows Venetia, a queen amongst her people in the fantasy realm of Celadmore. Strange occurrences in her home world have Venetia searching for answers as to whether an old evil has returned or if a new threat has arisen. Joined by a number of unlikely allies, who do not all get along with one another, Venetia has to fight against not only the darkness threatening to destroy her home world but the treachery of politicians, the fear in those around her, assassins that want to take her throne from her and those that would go to any lengths to try and prevent another war.

The Shroud of Darkness Trilogy contains the three volumes of the Shroud of Darkness trilogy in the Chronicles of Celadmore – Shroud of Darkness, Lady of Fire and End of Days

Shroud of Darkness

In the realm of Celadmore, evil is stirring. The war torn land has not recovered from the last conflict as evil rises and threatens to ensnare the world of light. Venetia, favourite daughter of Queen Annalia, must fight enemies and allies alike. She must uncover truth amidst deception to discover the source of this new threat to her world before the darkness engulfs it.

Lady of Fire

United they must stand for destruction is upon them. The realm of Celadmore faces it’s destruction as a war that none perceived is brought against them. Venetia, Queen of the Order of Anagura and Queteria, must forge a new alliance between the nations of Celadmore against the evil that Aksoth, Lord of Nether Roth, is set to unleash. The Allied Spirit of Celadmore must be raised and march once more.

End of Days

The end is here. Aksoth’s forces roam unchecked across the plains of Celadmore; the people of Celadmore have been forced to retreat to the fallen city of Grashindorph. Revolution stirs amongst the poorest of the people; Venetia seeks to restore Gruagadon to his rightful place on the throne of Nesca and will sacrifice anything to get him there. In this final bastion, they must find victory.

The Chronicles of Celadmore (in chronological order)

The Rising Empire Trilogy
1. Rising Empire: Part 1
2. Rising Empire: Part 2
3. Rising Empire: Part 3

Shroud of Darkness Trilogy
4. Shroud of Darkness
5. Lady of Fire
6. End of Days

Fading Dawn Trilogy
7. When Darkness Falls
8. Torn Allegiance
9. Fading Dawn

Ailing Light Trilogy
10. Ailing Light
11. Ill Blowing Wind
12. Shadow of the South

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