16th Day of Advent

16 Days in and we hope that you are all enjoying the short stories from our Advent calendar. Today is another story from the Chronicles of Celadmore and the diary of Caslo Morgan.

First Ride

2650GL 35th Spregan

We left the comfort of the city of Anamoore seven days ago. Shammah was called to meet with the Lady Gekendra at midnight on 2650GL 28th Spregan. Helez came and woke me and told me to meet with the others down in the stables. Only Jashobeam was there when I arrived but it was not long until all but Helez and Shammah were with us. We waited for over an hour in the freezing cold night; our horses saddled, supplied and ready to head out of the city. When Shammah and Helez joined us not a word was spoken. Shammah simply nodded and mounted. The rest of us followed suit and were left the city without fanfare or ceremony.

We rode to the coast, not the port and were met by Keldrak, Captain of the Queterian Navy and the most discreet and unbreakable man to ever grace the face of Celadmore. He was waiting with a skeleton crew and one of the small clippers that had recently been built and had yet to be named. We were taken onboard with our mounts and shown to our berths with orders to stay below deck until the Captain gave the order.

I fell asleep for what seemed like days but was only a few hours. Keldrak came down to my cabin to visit me with news from the mainland and from the rest of the Queterian fleet. He couldn’t tell me where we were headed but merely sitting with a man I had known since I was knee high to a grasshopper was a great comfort after the last few weeks of uncertainty and no small amount of intrigue. He told me that four hours after dawn we would be able to come on deck and Shammah would explain what was happening.

Sure enough, the call came four hours after dawn and we assembled upon the deck of the unnamed vessel to hear what our mission was. Lady Gekendra had received word from the mainland that her daughter, Gevana, and her son, Lucas, had both disappeared into the wilds to the south of Ziya known as the Chesil Void. One man had ventured after them without orders, but none had heard from any of them. The Eight had been called upon to find the three missing members of the Order and bring them home to Anamoore whether they were dead or alive. If they were dead, then vengeance was to be wrought on those that had killed them.

It seemed to strange to think that any member of the royal family would be able to go off on such a treacherous journey alone, but Tusala informed me that the princess Gevana was a girl of extraordinary talent when it came to avoiding detection and strategy. Lucas was a promising young warrior, but as both were only 11, their disappearance was a worry.

No one seems to know who the warrior is that went out after the royal twins, but Shammah and Helez assured us all that there would be time to discover who he was when we reached Ziya. The crew on Keldrak’s ship have been placing wagers as to who this man is. The most popular name I have heard is Jadow, a man named after the father of the legendary Queen Kasnata, but much of his reputation seems to be posturing. I asked Keldrak who he thought the man was. The captain merely shrugged and smiled “Bandecai.”


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Shroud of Darkness Trilogy

A fantasy book trilogy that was 16 years in the making. The trilogy follows Venetia, a queen amongst her people in the fantasy realm of Celadmore. Strange occurrences in her home world have Venetia searching for answers as to whether an old evil has returned or if a new threat has arisen. Joined by a number of unlikely allies, who do not all get along with one another, Venetia has to fight against not only the darkness threatening to destroy her home world but the treachery of politicians, the fear in those around her, assassins that want to take her throne from her and those that would go to any lengths to try and prevent another war.

The Shroud of Darkness Trilogy contains the three volumes of the Shroud of Darkness trilogy in the Chronicles of Celadmore – Shroud of Darkness, Lady of Fire and End of Days

Shroud of Darkness

In the realm of Celadmore, evil is stirring. The war torn land has not recovered from the last conflict as evil rises and threatens to ensnare the world of light. Venetia, favourite daughter of Queen Annalia, must fight enemies and allies alike. She must uncover truth amidst deception to discover the source of this new threat to her world before the darkness engulfs it.

Lady of Fire

United they must stand for destruction is upon them. The realm of Celadmore faces it’s destruction as a war that none perceived is brought against them. Venetia, Queen of the Order of Anagura and Queteria, must forge a new alliance between the nations of Celadmore against the evil that Aksoth, Lord of Nether Roth, is set to unleash. The Allied Spirit of Celadmore must be raised and march once more.

End of Days

The end is here. Aksoth’s forces roam unchecked across the plains of Celadmore; the people of Celadmore have been forced to retreat to the fallen city of Grashindorph. Revolution stirs amongst the poorest of the people; Venetia seeks to restore Gruagadon to his rightful place on the throne of Nesca and will sacrifice anything to get him there. In this final bastion, they must find victory.

The Chronicles of Celadmore (in chronological order)

The Rising Empire Trilogy
1. Rising Empire: Part 1
2. Rising Empire: Part 2
3. Rising Empire: Part 3

Shroud of Darkness Trilogy
4. Shroud of Darkness
5. Lady of Fire
6. End of Days

Fading Dawn Trilogy
7. When Darkness Falls
8. Torn Allegiance
9. Fading Dawn

Ailing Light Trilogy
10. Ailing Light
11. Ill Blowing Wind
12. Shadow of the South

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