17th Day of Advent

It’s only 8 days now until Christmas, and we are all very excited here in the office, not only will we be getting a break until the New Year, but we’ve got the third batch of Nicolette Mace: the Raven Short novels coming out in just a week! But we aren’t blogging about those today. No we are taking another jaunt into the realm of Celadmore and picking up the fourth journal entry of Caslo Morgan in his New Year narrative (since there’s no Christmas in Celadmore)

If you want to catch up on the previous 16 days of our short story Advent Calendar, then check out our blog archives and you’ll find all of them there.

2650GL 19th Spregan

We were brought before Queen Annalia two days ago. I was not sure what to expect. Her reputation is that of being wise, strong and gentle yet at the same time so fearsome that even King Marlo is slightly afraid of her.

When we entered the Great Hall she was seated on a throne at the far end of the room. Her daughter, Venetia was sat at her feet pouring over maps and battle reports. Behind Venetia stood two women, one with dark skin and jet black hair, the other with skin as pale as the moon and blonde hair that shone like spun gold even under the candlelight of the hall. Both were dressed in travelling armour, light shadcrag leather over thinly beaten meran, deep chestnut in colour with light woven cloaks hanging from their shoulders.

The Lady Morrigan and the Lady Gekendra.

From the way they were dressed they had arrived not long ago, but to look at them, their faces did not show it. All four women looked undisturbed by our presence there. Jashobeam led our party as we entered. Maharai and Helez, Tusala and Hisanda, Shammah and I, the seven members of the Eight.

We knelt before the Queen and Shammah spoke to her. Lady Gekendra and Lady Morrigan seemed oblivious to our presence and Venetia was much more interested in the battle reports she held. Each member of the Eight was presented to Queen Annalia in turned, I was saved until last.

Shammah said my name and there was a change in the atmosphere. Venetia put down the battle reports; Morrigan and Gekendra stopped their conversation and stared. I have never felt so much like a tapestry before in my life. It seemed to go on for hours, but was merely minutes. Morrigan and Gekendra returned to their conversation, their attention no longer fixated on me. Venetia however did not go back to her battle reports.

Instead when Queen Annalia had finished speaking and officially naming us as the Eight, Venetia stood and asked if I would walk with her around the grounds. She was still wearing her sword and her battle armour. It was unusual for any to wear their full battle armour whilst away from the battlefield. She found it amusing that I was confused by it and explained that it was because she wanted to get stronger, and be able to move as though she was not wearing armour in battle.

There is something spectacular about her, the way she thinks and moves, the way she is still very much a child but more adult than most four times her age. She challenged me to fight as we walked around the grounds, I agreed and that duel is now set for tomorrow…it was to be a small affair, the Swordmistress adjudicating the fight but since Shammah and Lady Morrigan found out about it, most of the city is now coming to the event.

I partly think that Shammah wants to see me embarrassed in battle by the seven year old princess, but to lose to her in a duel would not be as embarrassing for me as he imagines.

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Shroud of Darkness Trilogy

A fantasy book trilogy that was 16 years in the making. The trilogy follows Venetia, a queen amongst her people in the fantasy realm of Celadmore. Strange occurrences in her home world have Venetia searching for answers as to whether an old evil has returned or if a new threat has arisen. Joined by a number of unlikely allies, who do not all get along with one another, Venetia has to fight against not only the darkness threatening to destroy her home world but the treachery of politicians, the fear in those around her, assassins that want to take her throne from her and those that would go to any lengths to try and prevent another war.

The Shroud of Darkness Trilogy contains the three volumes of the Shroud of Darkness trilogy in the Chronicles of Celadmore – Shroud of Darkness, Lady of Fire and End of Days

Shroud of Darkness

In the realm of Celadmore, evil is stirring. The war torn land has not recovered from the last conflict as evil rises and threatens to ensnare the world of light. Venetia, favourite daughter of Queen Annalia, must fight enemies and allies alike. She must uncover truth amidst deception to discover the source of this new threat to her world before the darkness engulfs it.

Lady of Fire

United they must stand for destruction is upon them. The realm of Celadmore faces it’s destruction as a war that none perceived is brought against them. Venetia, Queen of the Order of Anagura and Queteria, must forge a new alliance between the nations of Celadmore against the evil that Aksoth, Lord of Nether Roth, is set to unleash. The Allied Spirit of Celadmore must be raised and march once more.

End of Days

The end is here. Aksoth’s forces roam unchecked across the plains of Celadmore; the people of Celadmore have been forced to retreat to the fallen city of Grashindorph. Revolution stirs amongst the poorest of the people; Venetia seeks to restore Gruagadon to his rightful place on the throne of Nesca and will sacrifice anything to get him there. In this final bastion, they must find victory.

The Chronicles of Celadmore (in chronological order)

The Rising Empire Trilogy
1. Rising Empire: Part 1
2. Rising Empire: Part 2
3. Rising Empire: Part 3

Shroud of Darkness Trilogy
4. Shroud of Darkness
5. Lady of Fire
6. End of Days

Fading Dawn Trilogy
7. When Darkness Falls
8. Torn Allegiance
9. Fading Dawn

Ailing Light Trilogy
10. Ailing Light
11. Ill Blowing Wind
12. Shadow of the South

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