January Round-up

Well January has been a huge month for us here at Mightier Than the Sword UK.

What we released


Doubt front

Even in the most stalwart of hearts there is room for doubt.

Three of the arm rings have been found, but with the winter fast approaching, the Children of Ribe begin to believe that they won’t be able to find all the arm rings in time to stop King Viggo Odinsen.

Hope has abandoned those in the south of Jutland. There is no respite from the march of Viggo’s forces, but there is also doubt in the hearts of those that follow his lead.

Joas Ottarsen and Oleg Olegsen have forged new paths to walk and made a new enemy.

The Children of Ribe find themselves growing in number as their enemies gain more and more power.

You can get your copy direct from out Etsy store for £5.99 in paperback and £1.80 in digital format.



When Siren discovers Sabrina Evans waiting in her office for her, Siren doesn’t quite know what to expect – but one thing is clear, Sabrina is definitely going to make life more interesting for the gun-toting private investigator.

With Sabrina trying to fly under the police radar and Harry determined to discover who Sabrina is, and why she is hanging around with Siren, this particular chapter of Siren’s life is one that is marked with more chaos and danger than ever before.

Join Siren, Fred, Harry and Sabrina as they dive into the criminal underworld. With so many people out to stop them, only one thing is certain, not all of them will be making it out alive.

You can get your copy direct from out Etsy store for £5.99 in paperback and £1.80 in digital format.


Skane front

Sometimes faith is all we have left.

The defences of Ribe look certain to fail as King Viggo Odinsen throws more and more of his warriors at the palisades that protect the town.

The children finally arrive on the island of Skåne, and find that the people that live in the wilds around Lund are far from friendly. With so many of them travelling together, it is harder to slip around unnoticed. Ciara has spies everywhere and is determined to discover all she can about the location of Dalla, no matter what it might mean for the quest to find the arm rings of Yngvar.

Erland, Dalla, Christian, Riki, Eva, Wifrith, Pieter, Beatrix, Camilla, Oleg and Joas have many dark days ahead of them and only their faith in each other will let them survive their trials.

You can get your copy direct from out Etsy store for £5.99 in paperback and £1.80 in digital format.


Shipwrecked front

The worst things happen at sea

Being lost at sea is the worst thing that can happen to any sailor, but being shipwrecked on the islands of Lolland with no way to reach the other arm rings of Yngvar is the worst thing that could happen to the children of Ribe.

To make matters worse, the snows of winter have fallen, making any progress to their next destination virtually impossible. Strange sounds in the nights are making everyone nervous and none of the guardians of the arm rings of Yngvar know what is causing them.

Erland, Eva, Christian, Dalla, Riki, Joas, Oleg, Beatrix, Camila and Pieter are stranded with no idea of what to do next and not even the winter snows are holding back the tides of war.

You can get your copy direct from out Etsy store for £5.99 in paperback and £1.80 in digital format.

What we’ve done

We’re pleased to announce that we have signed a deal with Penelope Wallace for her second book, the 10th Province of Jaryar, which will be releasing more details about slightly later in the year.

What we’re looking forward to in February

As  2017 rolls on and we head into February we are looking forward to the debut novel from Marlena R. Smith as well as the last two books in the first arc of the Children of Ribe series, the first book in the Children of Snotingas series (something we’ll be releasing more details on Friday about) and the 7th book in the Chronicles of Celadmore.

We are also looking forward to the Gateshead Library event on Saturday 4th February where C.S. Woolley will be signed books and running a writing workshop. We’re also looking forward to the library release event for Wyrd (book 1 in the Children of Snotingas) that is set to take place in the February half term at Wilmslow Library (the library that C.S. Woolley went to as a child). There official launch party for We Do Not Kill Children will also be held in February, more details will be released as we have them.

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