Lily & Rose Release

It has been a while coming, but the latest instalment in the Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren series is finally here.


Though releases like Sabrina may have kept your Siren cravings satisfied for a short while, finally book 4 in the main saga is here to answer questions about what happened to Fred, Siren, Rick and yes, Harry too.

“I wasn’t going to write more than three books in the main Siren narrative, but the Lily & Rose Saga was a book that just was begging to be written, after all, it didn’t feel right to leave the fate of Fred and Siren hanging in limbo forever.” – C.S. Woolley


The Lily & Rose Saga is set a few years after the events of the Derek Long Saga, so there is a little bit of a time lapse that readers can fill in the gaps for. It is also the penultimate book in the main narrative.

“The only main narrative book that is left to do is Legacy. Once that is done, then it will be the end of the Siren series. Before Legacy comes though there are a fair few of the shorter infill books planned and there is a bumper collection of five books that will contain all the Siren stories in chronological order – just to make it a little easier to read.” – C.S. Woolley


Though it is nearly the end of the road for the sassy private detective, the Lily & Rose Saga is out now in paperback and digital formats.


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