The Importance of a Proof Reader

When it comes to enjoying books, there is often one individual who goes largely unthanked by the reader- the proof reader.

When a proof reader has done their job well, the reader has an enjoyable and error free reading experience. If they miss just one mistake, then suddenly a book is plagued by people complaining of “constant mistakes”.

It has been our experience that the use of the brothery in a book (which is not a mistake in the same way that you might refer to some one as being a bit mothering, someone can be too brothery – it was created because brotherly emotes feels of warmth and caring, brothery denotes frustration and interference) led to one reader complaining about a book being riddled with mistakes.

In a world where the internet watches everything and people seem to delight in claiming superiority for spotting the tiniest error in an otherwise flawless work that transports you to another world, another space, another time and lets you forget your worries, it is hardly surprising that this is the case.

Most of the books we publish carry a warning at the front of each of them “some mistakes have been intentional left prevent unauthorised copies being made”. This is not to cover for our proof readers when they make a mistake, but rather an anti-piracy piece that has been used in paperback publications for a few hundred years. It isn’t quite as effective in limiting digital piracy, but then again there other steps that are taken in those cases.*

We have some exceptionally dedicated and hardworking proof readers here at Mightier Than the Sword UK, who all do sterling work on books that they may, at times, find very difficult to read. There is one we would like to mention today by name though. She spends hours going through manuscripts, living and dying with each page that passes and threatens death against a certain author on the behalf of all readers for what happens in certain titles. (If you are upset by the events of Sabrina, she’s already spent a few months raging about it on your behalf)

So today we would all like to say a massive thank you to Sam for all her hard work. You do an incredible job and we as the company (as well as readers) appreciate all you do!

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*The Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren books have been subject to piracy on more than one occasion. There are two Nicolette Mace blogs that feature some of the elements of the stories on them which have been left online but will no longer be updated due to the high levels of piracy that came from individuals trying to publish the story snippets as their own work. There are currently no audiobooks available for any of the books that we publish. Any audiobooks you come across that claim to be of any of our catalogue are pirated.

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