The 10th Province of Jaryar

Front Cover 10th ProvinceThe wait is over! Yes, the anticipated sequel to We Do Not Kill Children by Penelope Wallace is finally here.

The 10th Province of Jaryar is the second book in the Tales from Ragaris series and is sure to delight those who enjoyed Wallace’s debut novel (we think it’s a better book than the first, but then we might be a little biased).

This second tale from the world of swords without misogyny is set in a different part of the world to the first book and confronts more themes that are especially prevalent in a world where elections are common place and often taken for granted.

To the hall with six flames

Call the great of the nine

For an heir to the king.

They will seek for a sign.

Who should rule the powerful land of Jaryar when its childless king dies? Instead of preparing for war, the two contenders agree to that extraordinary thing, an election.

“A contest? A duel? A game of chess?”

“Yes, perhaps. A fair game.”

Fifty-one high-ranking men and women will hear the arguments, and then choose between Queen Nerranya of Marod and Duke Haras of Vard.

So everyone comes to the peaceful city of Vach-roysh, capital of the land that gave up its independence long ago – the Tenth Province of Jaryar.

They bring their prejudice and ambition, bribery and blackmail – and the prophecy uttered by a dying woman.

And murder. For this game is far from fair.

Bowing down to be raised

For the Dream, and God’s law –

But the sheep, they all wait

For mild peace or grim war.

You can pre-order your copy of the 10th Province of Jaryar now – set for release on the 11th of 12th 2017.

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