Tales from Ragaris

With Christmas fast approaching and the release of the second of the Tales from Ragaris, we thought it would be a good idea to remind you all of what makes these two offerings from author, Penelope Wallace, such perfect Christmas gifts.

We Do Not Kill Children

book-new-214x300“We do not kill children; we do not commit rape; we do not take pleasure in torment.”

Dorac Kingsbrother was one of the King’s Thirty in the kingdom of Marod. That was before he was found guilty of the murder of Lord Gahran’s three children. Though Gahran was a traitor, his children were innocent. The code of the King’s Thirty leaves no room for such a barbaric act, and for this heinous crime Dorac faces a life in exile.

The shame of such a sentence is something that Dorac can’t brook, and so he sets off on a journey to the Old Stones, the place where those that seek death meet their end. Followed by Gormad, a child in search of adventure, Dorac is not alone on his final journey.

But not everyone believes that Dorac is guilty. Gemara Kingsister, head of the Six, investigates the murder of Gahran’s children; though there is more at stake than the life of a lone warrior in this, the first of the Tales from Ragaris.


The 10th Province of Jaryar

Front Cover 10th ProvinceTo the hall with six flames
Call the great of the nine
For an heir to the king.
They will seek for a sign.

Who should rule the powerful land of Jaryar when its childless king dies? Instead of preparing for war, the two contenders agree to that extraordinary thing, an election.

“A contest? A duel? A game of chess?”
“Yes, perhaps. A fair game.”

Fifty-one high-ranking men and women will hear the arguments, and then choose between Queen Nerranya of Marod and Duke Haras of Vard.

So everyone comes to the peaceful city of Vach-roysh, capital of the land that gave up its independence long ago – the Tenth Province of Jaryar.

They bring their prejudice and ambition, bribery and blackmail – and the prophecy uttered by a dying woman.

And murder. For this game is far from fair.

Bowing down to be raised
For the Dream, and God’s law –
But the sheep, they all wait
For mild peace or grim war.

Cover Base


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