Goodbye Dear Friend

Harry Mirfin

It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that my dear friend, fellow author and one of the Mightier Than the Sword UK authors has passed. Harry Mirfin, author of a Miracle of Grace, died this morning. He passed peacefully in his sleep with his wife and son beside him. 

Though you may not have heard of him, Harry was a man that was an inspiration to many, myself included. Many a time did I sit upon the sofa in his living room and have him give me motivational talks and help me to keep going when things seemed at their worst. 

In late March/early April, it was discovered that Harry had a brain aneurysm that was originally believed to be inoperable. Yet, when a specialist came to look at it, he managed to not only remove it but leave no trace of damage behind. In late April he was up and walking and able to leave the hospital. Sadly, the antibiotics that he had to take to battle any post-operative infection were too much for his body to handle and last week he was taken off the antibiotics and taken into care. He deteriorated rapidly, and it was his time to leave us. 

To say I am bereft at his passing is an understatement. After the miracle of Salman Rushdie surviving the vicious attack in New York but a few days ago, I had hoped for a second miracle, but it was not to be. 

I had intended this update to you to be filled with joy and positivity at the momentum of the Kickstarter campaign but it feels out of place, and will have to wait until next week now.