C.S. Woolley

2017 Priofile

 Hi, I’m C.S. Woolley and I write a lot of books! In fact, I love writing so much I’ve been doing it since I was seven years old. 

I have a number of different pen names for books in different genres (and there is good reason for doing this), but I wanted to make sure you could all find all of  my books under my name. So to try and make it a bit easier for you, the readers, to find the information you are looking for the About the Author part of the site for me has been broken down into different branded sections so that you can go to the relevant section of the site that interests you! It also means you get to see the different pen names I use too! My Middle Grade Historical Fantasy and my Historical Cozy Mysteries are kept under the same pen name so each series has it’s own branding within the Middle Grade and my Historical Cozies get the author brand. 

I was born in Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK, and raised in the nearby town of Wilmslow. From an early age I discovered I had a flair and passion for writing. I began writing at the age of 7 and was first published in 2010. I currently live with my partner, Matt, and our two cats in Christchurch, New Zealand. As an avid horsewoman and gamer, I also have a passion for singing, dancing, the theatre, and my garden.

I love posting on Pinterest and also have Facebook and Instagram pages you can engage with me on. 

Historical Cosy Mysteries:

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Middle Grade Historical Fantasy:

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Hard-Boiled Crime Noir:

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Epic Fantasy:

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Equestrian Fiction:

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Sweet Romance:

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Supernatural Vampire Fiction:

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Middle Grade Action Adventure

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