The Lily & Rose Saga


Derek Long and Kevin Metis are dead.

The vacuum of power left behind by the crime lords’ defeat, at the hands of Nicolette mace: the Raven Siren and Fred Barlow, has brought chaos to the streets.

One wedding and eight years after Derek Long’s death, Fred, now Superintendent, spends hours stuck at the police station trying to deal with the rising crime levels whilst Siren spends her days trapped in suburbia with their two daughters; battling against the school run and boredom. There are no assassins lurking in the shadows and no adventure left.

Siren is not happy, but before she can leave it all behind, her daughters, Lily & Rose, are kidnapped.

Now Fred and Siren, joined by Rick Clegg and Harry Lee, fight their way through the streets as Nicolette Mace comes out of retirement to save her children and prove to her husband and criminals alike that no one crosses the Raven Siren.

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