The Children of Ribe

The Children of Ribe

The Children of Ribe series is the first children’s book series by C.S. Woolley. The books are set in Viking Denmark and follow a group of children that are striving to save their home from the fires of war.

Fate front   War front1 Wifrith front Doubt front


Skane front Shipwrecked front Fear front home front
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Cover Coming Soon   Cover Coming Soon Cover Coming Soon Cover Coming Soon
Cover Coming Soon Cover Coming Soon Cover Coming Soon Cover Coming Soon

You can also get anthologies of each story arc. The Arms Ring of Yngvar Collection contains FATE, WAR, WIFRITH, DOUBT, SKÅNE, SHIPWRECKED, FEAR and HOME.

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Map Poster

You can purchase an A3 poster of the Children of Ribe map from eBay from only £7 including postage & packaging

The Arm Rings of Yngvar

You can now get replica arm rings of the Arm Rings of Yngvar found by the Children of Ribe in the first eight books in the series. Each arm ring is priced at £29.95 with free UK delivery (£2.18 international delivery) and each design comes in a variety of different sizes.

Silver-plated tin Dragon Arm Ring (Erland – FATE) Silver-plated tin alloy Dragon Arm Ring (Riki – WAR) Silver-plated tin Serpent Arm Ring (Dalla – WIFRITH) Pewter Wolf Head Arm ring (Beatrix – DOUBT)
36417398_10160513461200024_3543021867973476352_n 36391947_10160513522195024_2118047118974255104_n 36481165_10160513540445024_4095768795870658560_n 36520836_10160513583020024_7294213881591758848_n
Brass-plated Tin Wolf Head Arm Ring (Pieter – SKANE) Silver-Plated Tin Norse Knot Arm Ring (Camila – SHIPWRECKED) Silver plated tin alloy Dragon Head Arm Ring (Christian – FEAR) Silver-plated Tin Alloy Raven Head Arm Ring (Eva – HOME)
36473130_10160513582830024_906941765422940160_n 36432319_10160513582950024_2179675969776779264_n 36487598_10160513582730024_1411458585702957056_n 36528676_10160513582655024_2999332699686043648_n


A full set of all 8 arm rings is also available direct from our eBay store. As well as one arm ring being included in the FATE arm ring gift set. Both exclusive to the Mightier Than the Sword UK eBay listings.

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