Fear front

WAR (The Children of Ribe Books, #2)

Fear rises as courage fails.

Ribe has withstood all the attacks that the warriors of Hedeby and Schleswig can throw at them, but with the snows of winter set about the town, no help comes from the other towns of the Danes.

But the strength of King Viggo is failing. When victory seemed within his grasp, he is taken ill on the battlefield and the warriors withdraw. Cold, half-starved and deprived of their leader, the army at the gates of Ribe seems certain to retreat. Sibel, still a prisoner, discovers the secret of the arm ring that Viggo wears whilst the dangerous Queen Rena makes her move to seize full control of Hedeby.

Only Christian and Eva have yet to find their arm rings of Yngvar as the children reach the island of Sjœland. They know that one of the rings of Lolland is missing and know that in order to collect all eight; they will need to find the arm ring near Roskilde and return to fight Viggo and finally bring an end to war.

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