The Characters

The Characters


Erland Kalbesen

A young strong boy, most popular boy in Ribe, doesn’t believe in magic. Erland is one of the most popular boys in Ribe. He is sixteen years old, but is still awkward when it comes to talking to girls. He has spent a long time listening to his grandfather, Pav, about how magic doesn’t really exist.


 Dalla Ingeborgsdotter

A Norwegian girl, family has moved to Ribe, she knows all about legends, myths and magic. Dalla’s mother grew up in Ribe, but she was married off to a different Viking tribe that left for Norway. Dalla had never been to Ribe or Denmark before her parents died. Her parents died from fever, so Dalla was sent to live in Ribe with her grandparents – Myrtle and Aran. Dalla is fascinated by magic and the tales that the storyweavers tell.


Christian Andersen

Erland’s best friend, very pretty, all the girls in the town like him. He is always getting into trouble. He has a hot temper and is always ready to fight. Christian is sixteen, like Erland, and is always finding himself in trouble for one reason or another. Unlike Erland, he is interested in girls, but all his flirting and outgoing behaviour is there to hide his feelings for one girl in particular.


Riki Andersen

Christian’s little brother, he goes wherever Christian goes. He is very smart but not very brave. Riki is much younger than the other members of the group, and is often overlooked by Erland and Christian, however he is treated with respected by Eva. Dalla and Riki are the odd ones out in the group as neither of them are interested (or good) at fighting with swords. Riki cares for the animals better than any member of the party, but he is also scared of Wifrith.


Eva Axeldatter

A down-to-earth girl, her father wanted sons but had three daughters. Eva is the oldest. She has been taught to fight and farm. She is strong and sensible; she can make decisions in a crisis. The other girls laugh at her because she often dresses like a boy and has a sword her father made for her. She was raised as a warrior by her parents – Axel and Inga – because they knew she would have to set out to search for the arm rings of Yngvar one day. Eva has spent her whole life being teased and bullied by the other children of Ribe, except for her cousin Pieter. He, and her pet wolf, Wifirth, are her only friends.

Wifrith character

Wifrith the Wolf

Eva’s pet wolf, he was abandoned as a pup. Eva found him and raised him. He is fiercely loyal. Wifrith is always happiest when his is close to Eva. He doesn’t like to be too far away from the girl and has spent many years exploring the wilderness around Ribe with Eva. Wifrith was found outside the village of Ribe by Eva when she was a little girl.

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