The Chronicles of Celadmore

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The Chronicles of Celadmore is a fantasy series based in a fictional realm, written by C.S. Woolley. The Chronicles of Celadmore fall into the epic fantasy end of the fantasy genre with some influencing elements of gothic fiction and gritty realism that combine to create a fantasy series that is for those who like fantasy and those who don’t. Some of the more fantastical elements of magic and mythical beasts are missing from the series which makes them accessible to those who normally avoid the fantasy genre.

The realm of Celadmore is one that is fully formed with lots of different kingdoms that each have their own cultures, languages and religions. They also have their own histories, intrigues and relationships with other kingdoms and there is even a coalition of Free Cities that do not bend the knee to any monarch.

The Chronicles of Celadmore follow the royal line of Anagura and Queteria, the founders of the tribal people known as the Order.

There are also plans for a spin off series of novels under the series title The Dragonian Wars.

The Books

 Rising Empire: Part 1  Rising Empire: Part 2  Rising Empire: Part 3
 FrontRERedesign300   Front REPT2 redesign  FrontREPT3redesign
 Shroud of Darkness  Lady of Fire  End of Days
FrontSoDRedesign300 FrontLoFRedesign300 Front End of Days 1200
 When Darkness Falls Torn Allegiance Fading Dawn
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The Wider Universe

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The Royal Line of the Order

The Languages of Celadmore
The Languages of Celadmore

The Kingdoms, Cultures and Histories of Celadmore
The Kingdoms, Cultures and Histories of Celadmore

The Characters
The Characters

The Maps
The Maps of Celadmore


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