Festivals of Wentrus

Wentrus is the fourth season and the coldest on Celadmore. As the calendar is split into seasons, rather than months, Wentrus lasts for 100 days and is the season in which the most festivals are held.

Festivals in Delma

100th Wentrus De Los Presi one of the few festivals that are celebrated in Delma that marks a military defeat. De Los Presi is a sombre occasion when the people of Delma remember how their city was attacked and conquered by Queen Kasnata on the orders of her husband, King Mercia Nosfa VI. Though the city fell at a different time of year, the people of Delma mark the end of each year by remembering their loss and the mistakes that led to it so that they may never be repeated.

Festivals of the people of the deserts and wilds

4th Wentrus Festival of the Living is an affirmation of life and a celebration of all those who have been born into the people of the deserts and wilds during the course of the year. Marriages that have occurred are also celebrated during this seven day festival that features three days of feasts and four days of competitions from feats of strength and endurance to the final event that marks the end of the festival – the horse race through the gauntlet. Contestants from the tribes have a single day to race through the gauntlet to the finish line by which ever route they please. The winner of the race is given the title of horsemaster for the next year and is deferred to in all matters relating to the horses for that time.

71st Wentrus Festival of the Sand as Wentrus draws to a close the nomadic people of the deserts and wilds prepare to leave the deserts and head back to the plans for Spregan and Sumar. The Festival of the Sand is a ceremony of thanksgiving that their people have survived another Antompne and Wentrus living in the harsh environment. Prayers are offered to Arala in gratitude during the morning then all the people gather together to share in a giant banquet. As the banquet ends a fast begins for ten days that all but small children must observe as an offering to the Goddess so that She will bless their time in the wilds as she has blessed their time in the desert. If anyone in the tribes has anything they must atone for they have the ten days of the fast in which to do so or face being cast out of the tribes in dishonour on the first day of the Festival of the Dead.

81st Wentrus Festival of the Dead the people of the deserts and wilds are the only people on Celadmore to honour the memory of their ancestors and those that have died during the course of the year during Wentrus. No funerals are held by the tribes people, instead the bodies are burnt and during the 19 days the Festival of the Dead spans different celebrations are held in the memory of those who have died. The 81st Wentrus and 100th Wentrus are days that are reserved for the honouring of ancestors and mean that all members of a particular family gather to feast and pay homage to those that came before them.

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