The Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow Characters

The Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow have a wide host of characters that are both major and minor in the roles in the narrative. This page lists the characters and each name links to a dedicated page for each character featuring information that isn’t in the books as well as interesting trivia. Where spoilers for the narrative exist ample warning is given.

Lady Sarah Montgomery Baird Watson-Wentworth

Brigadier George Webb Kneelingroach

Mr. Alexander Hunter

Constable Arwyn Evans

Lady Carol-Ann Margaret de Mandeville, Duchess of Aumale and Montagu

John Smith

Colonel Stephen Montgomery Baird

Lady Cynthia Watson-Wentworth

General Mark Lewisham

Mrs. Lewisham

Lieutenant Thomas B. Forsythe


Mrs. Bosworth


Doctor Jack Hales

Miss Angela Baker

Stanley Baker

Lee Baker

Black Guy


Mr.Henry Cartwright


Mrs. Emma Wilson

Chief Constable Captain Thomas Jonnes Smith

Miss Lucy Webb-Kneelingroach

Mrs. Webb-Kneelingroach

Miss Hunter

Mr. Mitchell

William Lloyd

Constable Cartwright

George Davys, Dean of Chester Cathedral

Marianne Davys

Constable Phillips

Reverend Percy Butterfield

Mr. Richard Hales

Mr. Gordon Hales

Lord Daniel Cooper

Mr. Harry Taylor

Mrs. Ruth Cooper

Miss Annabel Turner

Miss Jane Beech

Miss Alison Moore

Lord Joshua St. Vincent

Mr. Callum St. Vincent

The Honourable Mr. Wilbraham Egerton

Mrs Elizabeth Egerton nee Sykes

Mr. Wilbraham Egerton

Mr. Thomas Egerton

Mrs. Charlotte Egerton nee Milner

Mr. Edward Christopher Egerton

Miss Mary Pierrepont

Miss Elizabeth Wessex

Lady Szonja, Countess of Huntingdon

Mr. Stuart Moore

Mr. Gregory Kitts

Mr. Samuel Jones

Mr. Jake Walker

Mr. Luke Lumb

Mr. Timothy Wood

Mr. Richard Ball

Mr. Michael Hutton

Mr. Joseph Blatherwick

Mr. S. Carter


Miss Grace Read Bairstow

Old Woakes

Miss Gunn

Miss Beaumont

Mr. Mitchell Claydon

Miss Jessica Hales

Mr. James Christian

Miss Millie Roy

Mr. Johnathen Mullaney

Mrs. Abigail Mullaney

Mr. Dominic Smith

Miss Emily Read

Mr. Peter Libby

Mr. Toby Craggs

Mr. Paul Curran

Mr. Matthew Read

Mr. Michael Trott

Mr. Anthony HerridgeMr. Ross Pick

Mr. Andrew Christopher

C A Aubrey-Smith

Leslie O’Brian ‘Chuck’ Fleetwood-Smith

Tobias Skelton ‘Roly’ Roland-Jones

Colin Ingleby-Mckenzie

Daniel Bell-Drummond

Rory Hamilton-Brown

Thomas Kohler Cadmore

Major Hesketh Vernon Hesketh-Pritchard

Alec Douglas-Hulme

Robin Martin-Jenkins

Sir Spencer Cecil Brabazon Ponsonby-Fane

Nathan Caulter-Niall

Henry Levesen Gower

The Honourable Frederic Ponsonby, The 6th Earl of Bessborough

The Reverend David Sheperd

Sir Pelham Warner

Sir Gabby Allen

Sir Richard Hadley

Sir Garfield St Alban Sobers

Sir Don Bradman

Lord Harris of Kent

Baron Michael Colin Cowdrey of Tonbridge

Baron Learie Nicholas Constantine

Lord Martin Bladen Hawke

Sir Tim O’Brien, 3rd Baronet of Merrion Square and Boris-in-Ossory

Basil D’Oliveria

William Edrich

George Headley

William Gunn

William Root

Denis Compton

Joe Hardstaff

Peter Hearn

Derek Walker

Mattheus Hendrik Wessels

George Mann

Benjamin Caine Hollieoake

Stephen Michael Gatting

Constable McIntyre

Constable Kelly

Constable McGill

Constable Meyers

Constables Clowes

Constable Cantello

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