The Servant’s Voice

The Servant’s Voice is the third book in the Tales of Ragaris Series by Penelope Wallace.

Much like the other books in Ms Wallace’s fantasy series, a murder is the catalyst for all the events that unfold and follow a mute servant girl as she tries to get justice, despite the fact she has no voice of her own. Even if she had a voice, the voice of servants counts for little, if anything in the country of Ricossa.

Question 34. Can the poor ever get justice?

In the land of Ricossa, rich people use brutal and permanent methods to protect their secrets.

An eccentric pauper is knocked down and killed in a tavern. Drunken manslaughter or deliberate murder? The victim’s niece Hridnaya is determined to find out which.

But the case has already been closed. She’s an insignificant servant. She can’t read or write.

And she can’t talk.

One of the reasons that we love this book is how Ms. Wallace takes a simple murder/witness scenario and turns it into a commentary on society. There are many within society that have no voice of their own, and no one to advocate for them. Yet, there are those that push to make their voices heard, to fight for justice and see that even in an imperfect world, good can come from evil.

“A saint – or just a fool? I chose the gentler word at the funeral, but perhaps I was wrong.”

For fifteen years Gridor walks the streets wearing a geranium in a basket on his back, earning the mocking title Flower-in-Hood. Few people ask the reason, not even when he’s knocked down and killed in a tavern far from home.

Is his death merely a drunken assault by an arrogant nobleman, or a political murder? And is there a connection to the fears whispered by Queen Zinial the same night on her own deathbed?

Hridnaya, Gridor’s niece, is only a lowly servant, and she can’t ask questions, but she wants to find out.

The search will bring her disgrace and danger, and uncover a terrible threat to the land of Ricossa – and the whole continent.

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