Book Reviews

Here at Mightier Than the Sword UK, we like to give a little back to all those hard working authors out there whether they have a publisher or they are self-published.

We offer two review services. A free review that will be posted here on our website and also a paid review.

We feature reviews of some of our favourite books in the office and offer a review service for any author who has their book on the market. The paid book review service costs $25 and requires a copy of the book to be provided digitally. The $25 not only means your book will be featured on this blog but also on our Facebook page, and on Goodreads.

Book Reviews:

AHRIMAN: The Spirit of Destruction by Puja Guha

City of Magi by Michael McDuffee

Comrade Fox: Low-Living in Revolutionary Russia by Stewart Hennessey

Paths Less Traveled  of a scholar, warrior, (spy), teacher, healer  by Hon K Lee

The Phantasist by S J Hirons

Price of Justice by Alan Brenham

Pure Vision by Perri Birney

Social Wealth: How to Build Extraordinary Relationships By Transforming the Way We Live, Love, Lead and Network by Jason Treu

Soul Skin by Jan Porter

Smiting the Bear: The Last Stand of Comrade Fox by Stewart Hennessey 

Van Laven Chronicles: Throne of Novoxos by Tyler Chase

Waters of Oblivion by David Lyons

Webs by Lily Stuart


It currently takes an average of 6 days for our staff to read and review books that are submitted. If you want to use this service please use the contact form to request a review.




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