Price of Justice Review

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I was gripped from the opening page by this book. The writing style is flawless and engaging, delicately crafting the world and history to events around the characters with each sentence.  The opening few chapters establish each of the main characters backstories and interweave their lives in a very real and meaningful way for the reader. By the second chapter I couldn’t put the book down and was living and dying with the emotions of the characters, especially those of Dani Mueller. The plot is very well done; the twists and turns of it are not predictable and have the reader on the edge of their seat.

The legal aspects of the book are extremely well explained, especially when they come from the author’s experience. There is a display of knowledge about law and order that a lot of other books in this genre are lacking.

The use of both third person and first person narrative is superbly well done. The first person narrative is reserved for when following Dani Mueller and the third person narrative is used for the other characters – the CEO, Jason Scarsdale, Harris, Zarko etc.

The way the book is written allows the audience to solve the mystery elements of the story along with the characters of Harris and Scarsdale without holding back details.

The use of language is excellent, it is not too flowery and overcomplicated so it can be read and enjoyed by anyone whilst avoiding being overly simplistic.

This is an excellent example of crime fiction focusing on the effect that crime against children can have on people; it is extremely enjoyable and satisfying to read without feeling like it is a story that has to have a happy ending or is even leading to a completely neat and tidy finish.

At the very end of the digital version there is one slight annoyance – the formatting switches from normal type set to italics and part way through the italics there is another small section of normal type set.

On the whole I would recommend this book to anyone – whether they are interested in the crime genre or not – as an excellent work of fiction.