19th Day of Advent

We’re a little late in getting today’s advent calendar to you – we have been slightly distracted by the cricket and having to watch the highlights from the Ashes at Trent Bridge in 2005 to raise our spirits. Today is our last day in the office before the festive break so we are making sure […]

18th Day of Advent

Only week to go! Is your Christmas tree up? Have you finished your Christmas shopping? If you’re not in the festive mood, then here is another instalment from the diary of Caslo Morgan from the Chronicles of Celadmore. Rescue 2650GL 47th Spregan Keldrak and his crew dropped anchor not far from the coast and had […]

17th Day of Advent

It’s only 8 days now until Christmas, and we are all very excited here in the office, not only will we be getting a break until the New Year, but we’ve got the third batch of Nicolette Mace: the Raven Short novels coming out in just a week! But we aren’t blogging about those today. […]

16th Day of Advent

16 Days in and we hope that you are all enjoying the short stories from our Advent calendar. Today is another story from the Chronicles of Celadmore and the diary of Caslo Morgan. First Ride 2650GL 35th Spregan We left the comfort of the city of Anamoore seven days ago. Shammah was called to meet […]

14th Day of Advent

With just eleven days to go until Christmas, we’re taking you on yet another journey to Celadmore through the eyes of Caslo Morgan. 2650GL 20th Spregan When I stepped out into the duelling arena today, I had never felt more adrenaline coursing through my veins than I did at that moment. The roar of the […]

13th Day of Advent

We’ve only got twelve days left until Christmas! If you haven’t finished shopping yet, time is running out! Today we are back in Victorian England for another of the 12 Days of Christmas in Stickleback Hollow. 4th Day of Christmas On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, four colly birds […]

12th Day of Advent

We’re jumping back to Celadmore today with more from the diary of Caslo Morgan from the Chronicles of Celadmore. This is the third journal entry from his New Year diary (there’s no Christmas in Celadmore), the first journal entry was published in 7th Day of Advent and the 2nd on 10th Day of Advent if […]

It’s the 11th day of Advent!

And with the 11th day of advent, we are bringing you Siren’s reprise of the 12 Days of Christmas, but rather than what Fred has given to her, it’s what the city has given to her. If you want to find out more about the Siren books – you can do so here. 12 Days […]