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Well it’s a big news day for all of us here at Mightier Than the Sword UK. Whilst most of the population of the UK is dying in the heat, we’re celebrating some wonderful events!

The first is the launch party for Penelope Wallace, it takes place tonight, 26th May 2017, at the Middle Street Resource Centre in Beeston. Penelope will be on hand to talk about her book We Do Not Kill Children and the upcoming sequel! It’s a free event, so if you are in the area, feel free to come along and meet with Penelope!

Penny Release Party Poster

We’re also celebrating a week of school workshops that C.S. Woolley has just completed. Running a variety of different sessions including Viking myths and storytelling, Developing character backstory, how to build a book world and writing your own fairy tale, C.S. visited Sherwood Junior School in Nottinghamshire, Mottram Academy in  Cheshire and Marton and District C of E Primary School in Cheshire.


C.S. Woolley opening the library at Mottram St. Andrew Academy in Cheshire. Photo Credit: Mottram Academy. 

C.S. Woolley grew up in Cheshire and attended Mottram St. Andrew Academy, so the visit to open the library and run workshops with the pupils in year 3, 4, 5 and 6 was an extra special experience.

“It’s been an absolute honour and privilege to spend so much time with all the children in the schools this week. They were all so excited and had such creative ideas, it was really wonderful to be able to talk to them an answer so many questions.”

If you are interested in booking C.S. Woolley for a school or library visit please contact for more details.

However, that’s not all that’s happened this week for C.S. Woolley has also had 20 titles released. These are not titles that she did under the banner of Mightier Than the Sword UK but for a different publisher.

Foxton Books contracted C.S. Woolley to write a series of 20 books for them. These were rewrites of 20 literary classics that have been designed to help people learn English- whether they are children or adults.

The books include comprehension tests that she devised and Foxton Books found a stunningly talented illustrator to bring some of the moments from the books to life.

The titles so far are:

Level 1

  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Huckleberry Finn
  • The Adventure of the Speckled Band (Sherlock Holmes)
  • Anne of Green Gables
  • Dracula
  • The Prisoner of Zenda
  • The Lost World

Level 2

  • Moby Dick
  • Gulliver’s Travels
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Treasure Island
  • Around the World in Eighty Days
  • Robinson Crusoe

Level 3

  • The Three Musketeers (one of C.S. Woolley’s favourite books)
  • Pocahontas
  • Oliver Twist
  • Frankenstein
  • Journey to the Centre of the Earth
  • Call of the Wild

You can find all of the books direct at Foxton Books or at Amazon, Foyles, Blackwell’s, the Book Depository, Wordery and Waterstones.

This takes the total of published books in C.S. Woolley‘s catalogue up to 58!



All Hallows' Eve Mock UpAll Hallows’ Eve in Stickleback Hollow is the sequel to A Thief in Stickleback Hollow and, like its predecessor, contains lots of things you might have missed.

The historical note contains lots of information that is relevant to the plot and events of the book, but there are also lots of other things that have been woven into the story that you might find interesting.

As before, a number of the characters are named after cricketers, but there are a few other things thrown in as well.

The dedication is much longer than in previous titles that C.S. Woolley has written. Those named in the dedication are the staff and owners of the Three Crowns in Wymeswold. The pub (@catandwickets) is one of the places that C.S. Woolley goes to write and reportedly loves the food there.

Sarah – Sarah Taylor is a current women’s cricketer for England. She is a wicketkeeper-batsman and is well-known for her free flowing stroke play. She can be seen opening the batting in one day matches and batting in the middle order during Test matches. She plays domestic cricket for Sussex.

Montgomery – Robbie Montgomery was a right-arm fast-medium bowler for Gloucestershire until the end of 2015 season, when he was released.He previously played for the Gloucestershire and Somerset Second XI.

Baird – Sam Baird was born in Perth, Australia,and played for the Derbyshire Second XI.

Watson – Shane “Watto” Watson is now retired, but the Australian all-rounder only retired in 2016 when he was considered the No.1 T20 all-rounder.

Wentworth – Wentworth “Tom” Wills was a Victorian cricketer and one of the founders of Australian rules football. He was seen as the first cricketer of significance to be born in Australia. He sadly committed suicide at the age of 44 after he had become “a complete and dangerous and apparently incurable alcoholic” – David Frith.

George – George Mann CBE, DSO, MC was a cricketer for England, Cambridge University and Middlesex. He captained England during his career. His father, Frank Mann, also captained England, which made them the first father and son to both captain England.

Webb – Jonathon Webb is a right-arm medium bowler who played for Warwickshire until the end of the 2016 cricket season, when he was released.

Cooky – Alistair Cook is the former captain of the England Test side who also plays for

Alex – Alex Hales is one of the Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club players that has played for England in the Test, ODI and T20 formats.

Hunter – Jack Hunter is a New Zealand cricketer that has played for New Zealand Under-19s, New Zealand XI,Otago, Otago A and Otago Under-19s.

Henry – Matt Henry is another New Zealand cricketer who plays for Worcestershire and New Zealand International team.

Cartwright – Hilton Cartwright is an Australian All-Rounder who made his Test debut for the national Australian side in January of this year.He plays for the Perth Scorchers and Western Australia.

Baker – Thomas Baker played for Yorkshire and Northamptonshire between 2001 and 2005.

Evans – Laurie Evans is a cricketer currently contracted to Sussex County Cricket Club who has also played for Warwickshire, MCC and Northamptonshire.

Jack – Jack Russell was an eccentric wicketkeeper who played for England and Gloucestershire.

Hales – Also a reference to Alex Hales.

Mary – Mary Duggan was a rught-handed batsman and an incredible bowler for England and took 7 for 6 against Australia, which remain the best test figures in English women’s test history.

May – Peter May played for Surry, Cambridge University and England as a batsman. He was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame in 2009, 15 years after his death.

Margaret – Margaret Rutherford was a cricketer who played four test matches for England in 1960/61.

Cooper – Britney Cooper is a West Indian cricketer who has played both the ODI and T20 formats at the international level.

Harry – Like all of C.S. Woolley’s books series, there is a character called Harry in the Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow. Most of these Harrys are named after Prince Harry, however the Harry in Stickleback Hollow is named after Harry Gurney. Harry Gurney is a Nottinghamshire bowler who has also played for England.

Taylor – James Taylor is a former England and Nottinghamshire cricketer, who was forced to retire in 2016.

Ruth – Ruth is named not after a cricketer, but after baseball player, Babe Ruth, who reportedly broke a cricket bat the first time he tried his hand at the game in 1935 when he met Don Bradman.

Wessex – Wessex isn’t named for a person but rather for a handmade cricket bat.

Stuart – Stuart Broad is a Nottinghamshire and England bowler who is pretty well known for taking some superb wickets.

Moore – Pete Moores is the head coach of the Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club and his son Tom also plays for the team.

Gregory – Greg Smith is a Nottinghamshire batsman.

Kitts – Ben Kitt plays for Nottinghamshire as a fast bowler and lower order batsman. (You may also notice that C.S. Woolley took the S off Moores and put it on Kitt)

Samuel – Sam Wood was a Nottinghamshire bowler until the end of 2016 season.

Daniel – Dan Christian is the captain of the Nottinghamshire T20 side and hails from Australia.

Jones – Aaron Jones is a Barbadian cricketer.

Jake – Jake Ball is a Nottinghamshire bowler who also plays for England.

Walker – Walker Wainwright was a Yorkshire slow left-arm orthodox bowler who went on to be an umpire.

Annabel – Annabel Sutherland is an upcoming Australian cricketer. She currently plays for Melbourne Renegades Women.

Turner – Ashton Turner is an Australian cricket who made his International T20 debut for Australia against Sri Lanka in February 2017.

Pattinson – James Pattinson is an Australian cricketer who also bowls for Nottinghamshire.

Other than these cricketing names, there are few other reference that have been crammed into the story. The surname de Mandeville comes from Geoffrey & William de Mandeville from the 1100s, Constable Arwyn Evans is named for a Welsh policeman by the name of Arywn Phillips who once served in the Cheshire Police force and now lives in Llandudno.

Richard and Gordon, the sons of Doctor Hales are the first and second name of C.S. Woolley’s father. Countess Szjona is named after the same Szonja included in the dedication and Lord Joshua St. Vincent is named after the Josh in the dedication. Elizabeth is named after C.S. Woolley’s sisters.

Harald the horse is named after Harald that fought against Harold at the battle of Stamford Bridge. Bosworth and Mrs. Bosworth are named after the battle of Bosworth field. Black Guy the horse is named after one of C.S. Woolley’s favourite characters from Raymond E. Feist’s Magician series. Kneelingroach is a reference to the West Wing and the use of John Smith and his pocket watch are both references to Doctor Who.


The Importance of a Proof Reader

Posted: May 19, 2017 in News

When it comes to enjoying books, there is often one individual who goes largely unthanked by the reader- the proof reader.

When a proof reader has done their job well, the reader has an enjoyable and error free reading experience. If they miss just one mistake, then suddenly a book is plagued by people complaining of “constant mistakes”.

It has been our experience that the use of the brothery in a book (which is not a mistake in the same way that you might refer to some one as being a bit mothering, someone can be too brothery – it was created because brotherly emotes feels of warmth and caring, brothery denotes frustration and interference) led to one reader complaining about a book being riddled with mistakes.

In a world where the internet watches everything and people seem to delight in claiming superiority for spotting the tiniest error in an otherwise flawless work that transports you to another world, another space, another time and lets you forget your worries, it is hardly surprising that this is the case.

Most of the books we publish carry a warning at the front of each of them “some mistakes have been intentional left prevent unauthorised copies being made”. This is not to cover for our proof readers when they make a mistake, but rather an anti-piracy piece that has been used in paperback publications for a few hundred years. It isn’t quite as effective in limiting digital piracy, but then again there other steps that are taken in those cases.*

We have some exceptionally dedicated and hardworking proof readers here at Mightier Than the Sword UK, who all do sterling work on books that they may, at times, find very difficult to read. There is one we would like to mention today by name though. She spends hours going through manuscripts, living and dying with each page that passes and threatens death against a certain author on the behalf of all readers for what happens in certain titles. (If you are upset by the events of Sabrina, she’s already spent a few months raging about it on your behalf)

So today we would all like to say a massive thank you to Sam for all her hard work. You do an incredible job and we as the company (as well as readers) appreciate all you do!

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*The Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren books have been subject to piracy on more than one occasion. There are two Nicolette Mace blogs that feature some of the elements of the stories on them which have been left online but will no longer be updated due to the high levels of piracy that came from individuals trying to publish the story snippets as their own work. There are currently no audiobooks available for any of the books that we publish. Any audiobooks you come across that claim to be of any of our catalogue are pirated.

In just under two weeks time it’s the Bradford Steampunk and Gothic fair. Held in the Brewhaus, Bradford, UK, the Steampunk and Gothic fair is just what it sounds like – a celebration of all things Steampunk and Gothic.

There will be a wide range of stalls that feature artists, authors, artisans and even a magician. ‘Phobia’ are joining in the fun over the weekend that includes Tea Duelling, Coffee Jousting, an auction in aid of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, a raffle and the Most Splendid Beard/Moustache competition.

The event is being held on 27th and 28th May 2017 with free entry and children welcome. What makes this event news worthy as far as we are concerned is that our very own C.S. Woolley will be attending with her Viking arm rings and a veritable forest of books.

If you are interested in pre-ordering any items from C.S. Woolley from the event, then simply visit our Order from us page to see our range of books and merchandise, and make sure to mention that you want to collect the items at the fair.

C.S. Woolley will be there on Sunday 28th May from 12pm until 5pm so don’t forget to come down and visit.

To find out more visit the event’s facebook page.

What’s still to come in 2017

Posted: May 12, 2017 in News

We’re already into May (how quickly the year seems to be passing) and we’ve already seen a lot of books published and changes happening at Mightier Than the Sword UK, but there is still so much more to look forward to! Some of these dates may change and one of two are still awaiting confirmation.


10th June – Hild by C.S. Woolley (Book #2, The Children of Snotingas)

24th June – Mr. Daniel Cooper of Stickleback Hollow by C.S. Woolley (Book #3, The Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow)

30th June  – Brea by C.S. Woolley (Book #3, The Children of Snotingas)


10th July – The Thrys  by C.S. Woolley (Book #4, The Children of Snotingas)

24th July – Hwicce by C.S. Woolley (Book #5, The Children of Snotingas)


7th August – The Draca by C.S. Woolley (Book #6, The Children of Snotingas)

14th August – Urd by C.S. Woolley (Book #1, The Children of Danelaw)

21st August – The ælfes by C.S. Woolley (Book #7, The Children of Snotingas)

28th August – The Day the Circus came to Stickleback Hollow by C.S. Woolley (Book #4, The Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow)


4th September – Alpha Sigma 1 by C.S. Woolley (Book #1, Alpha Sigma)

6th September – The Etins by C.S. Woolley (Book #8, The Children of Snotingas)

11th September – Torn Allegiance by C.S. Woolley (Book #8, The Chronicles of Celadmore)

25th September – Fading Dawn by C.S. Woolley (Book #9, The Chronicles of Celadmore)

Fading Dawn Trilogy by C.S. Woolley (Books #7 – #9, The Chronicles of Celadmore)


2nd October – Alpha Sigma 2 by C.S. Woolley (Book #2, Alpha Sigma)


30th October – Ailing Light by C.S. Woolley (Book #10, The Chronicles of Celadmore)


5th November – A Bonfire Surprise in Stickleback Hollow by C.S. Woolley (Book #5, The Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow)

10th November – 10th Province of Jaryar by Penelope Wallace (Book #2, Tales from Ragaris)

20th November – Ill Blowing Wind by C.S. Woolley (Book #11, The Chronicles of Celadmore)


18th December – Shadow of the South by C.S. Woolley (Book #12, The Chronicles of Celadmore)

Ailing Light Trilogy by C.S. Woolley (Books #10 – #12, The Chronicles of Celadmore)

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Wyrd mock upFor our Friday blog instalment we’re taking a moment to look at the latest children’s book series by C.S. Woolley and asking the question, why WYRD?

The word wyrd translates as fate, which was chosen to mirror the first book in the Children of Ribe series. Fate is a powerful force throughout myths and legends and certainly seems to play a large role in many adventure stories.

But we’re not so much interested in the title of the first book in the Children of Snotingas series as we are in why the series was put together in the first place.

When we put the question to C.S. Woolley, this is the answer she gave:

“Over Christmas I was most of the way through writing my Viking children’s book series and my mother suggested that I work on an Anglo Saxon kids book series as there were seemingly no books about the Anglo Saxons in fiction for kids to read and my primary school library was in need of these kinds of books.

So I did a lot of research over Christmas and put together a plan for an Anglo Saxon series. It’s set in the early 600s when King Penda of Mercia announced to Northumbria that they were breaking away from them. Mercia went on to become the most powerful and influential kingdom during the Anglo Saxon time, which is why I decided to write the first 8 Anglo Saxon books during the time when it was being formed.”

rav 1

Not only have the books been written to help children learn about the Anglo Saxons in a fun way, they have also been laid out in the same format as the Children of Ribe books. This is to make it easier for dyslexic children to discover a love of reading and have an easier time of reading on their own.

The paperbacks of WYRD are priced at £6.99 on amazon, but you can order them direct from Mightier Than the Sword UK Publications for £6.49 including free UK delivery. The digital copies of the book are £1.99 on amazon, though range from £1.80 to £2.49 through other digital retailers.

To order direct from us here at Mightier Than the Sword UK simply email and we will provide you with an invoice and payment method for your order.


May 2017

Since the release of the Lily & Rose Saga in the Raven Siren series, our beloved founder has changed the game on us. The series was due to be finished by the end of this year, and as we reported when the Lily & Rose Saga, there would be 5 books in the main story arc and a pile of titles in the Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld series that provide some shorter cases as well as Siren’s unique perspective on the world.

However that is no longer the case. The titles Beginnings and the Kevin Metis Saga are both being overhauled so that between them, the two volumes will contain all the Filling the Afterlife titles as well as the stories that currently create the story arcs. The Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld volumes 1 to 5 will not be included in these bumper books though.

The stories in Beginnings and the Kevin Metis Saga will also be released as Filling the Afterlife books.


  1. Medusa
  2. Siren’s Call
  3. Shadow
  4. A Shot in the Dark
  5. From Out of the Ashes
  6. The Case of Mrs. Weldon
  7. Hunting the Priest Killer
  8. Manhunt
  9. A Friend in Need
  10. Gangster’s Paradise
  11. Last Train Home
  12. Til Death do us Part
  13. Return of McGregor
  14. Murder in the First
  15. Sabrina
  16. How do you solve a problem like Siren?
  17. Ring of Fire
  18. When 3 become 2
  19. Ballad of Fallen Angels
  20. Case of the Welsh Corgi
  21. Murder at the Cricket Club
  22. Backtrack
  23. Once Upon a Dream
  24. Witchcraft
  25. Me, Myself and Fred
  26. Friends will be Friends
  27. Thicker than Water
  28. Money
  29. The Shortest Day
  30. Play it Again
  31. Maneater
  32. A Hard Day’s Night
  33. Ghosts
  34. Easy Come, Easy Go
  35. Dancing in the Moonlight
  36. Deceiving Appearances
  37. Midnight Runner
  38. Charlie, Whisky, Tango
  39. Double Down
  40. New City, New Faces
  41. At the Point of a 9mm
  42. Siren’s Last Stand
  43. The Streets of the Living
  44. The Derek Long Saga
  45. The Lily & Rose Saga
  46. Legacy

Hopefully this will keep Siren fans happy with all of the 99p titles that are set to fill out the series. We’d love to say that this is what we are expecting from C.S. Woolley over the next few years in terms of the Siren universe, but if the last few days are anything to go by, she could add more at any moment.

All of these titles will be/are available in paperback and digital format from Amazon, our Etsy Store, direct order via email (, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Nook and other good retailers. The Kevin Metis Saga and the Derek Long Saga are also available from WHSmiths.

Taking a break from release news, we’re giving over the blog today to an extract from Steven M. Caddy’s exploration adventure novel In Exchange.


Order In Exchange, Book 1 in the Michael Morgan series by Steven M. Caddy for £11.99 including free UK delivery

“Sunlight shone in through the windows in Michael’s room. The windows were too high to see out of, unless you climbed up to peek out. The benefit of having such high windows was that the space agency didn’t have to bother with any curtains.

Michael stirred having slept well. His feet were hanging over the side of the bed, and the pillows were on the floor. For a moment, he forgot where he was, but managed to stay still enough to not fall out of bed again. His shin was a little bruised from his adventure trying to cross the room in the dark the night before. He sat himself up to have a look at his surroundings. He’d been too tired to look at anything in detail the previous night.

Michael’s room was sparsely decorated, with painted cinder block walls. Next to his bed was a small white table that had a lamp and a telephone on it. He sighed; thinking how useful the lamp would have been if he’d spotted it before turning off the lights. It might have prevented his injury. Michael rolled across the bed, and played with the lamp’s switch. The lamp came on. Michael turned it off again, and tutted.

On the floor were the clothes that Michael had travelled in, the elasticated plimsolls similar to the ones he wore on the space station, his two bags, and the piles of clothes that had been on his bed when he arrived. Michael slid off the bed, and sat himself on the floor to inspect the clothing. There were four plain t-shirts of various colours to go with the white one he was wearing, a light blue short-sleeved shirt, some basic underwear and socks, a couple of pairs of shorts, some blue canvas trousers, a pair of trainers, a pair of black leather shoes, and a thick fluffy towelling dressing robe. He put on the dressing robe, and felt warmer. At the end of his bed, he also found a pair of sturdy walking boots, which felt heavy and didn’t appeal to him.”

You can get your copy of In Exchange from the Etsy store, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Nook, iBooks and Amazon.

With the May Day Bank Holiday upon us, we’ve got some deals on offer on all our titles when they are ordered direct from us here at Mightier Than the Sword UK. See below for the full list of items, prices *including free UK delivery*, each of the book titles hyperlinks will take you to more details about the title in question.

The paperbacks for each title are listed separately as the cost varies. All digital eBooks available are the same price.

Item Cost
The Children of Ribe: A Viking Saga for Children Book 1: FATE £5.99
The Children of Ribe: A Viking Saga for Children Book 2: WAR £5.99
The Children of Ribe: A Viking Saga for Children Book 3: WIFRITH £5.99
The Children of Ribe: A Viking Saga for Children Book 4: DOUBT £5.99
The Children of Ribe: A Viking Saga for Children Book 5: SKÅNE £5.99
The Children of Ribe: A Viking Saga for Children Book 6: SHIPWRECKED 60p from each sale  goes to the RNLI £5.99
The Children of Ribe: A Viking Saga for Children Book 7: FEAR £5.99
The Children of Ribe: A Viking Saga for Children Book 8: HOME £5.99
The Children of Snotingas: An Anglo Saxon Saga for Children Book 1: WYRD £5.99
FATE Gift Set: Includes paperback book, eBook and A3 poster of the Children of Ribe Map £11.95
Just the Books Gift Set: Includes all 8 paperbacks in the Children of Ribe series as separate books. £4.50 from each sale of this Gift Set goes to the RNLI £45
Children of Ribe Gift Set Framed: Includes all 8 paperback book, 8 eBooks, plus framed A3 posters of the map, FATE cover art, WAR cover art and WIFRITH cover art. £6 from each sale of this gift set goes to the RNLI £75
Children of Ribe Gift Set: Includes all 8 paperback book, 8 eBooks, plus unframed A3 posters of the map, FATE cover art, WAR cover art and WIFRITH cover art. £6 from each sale of this gift set goes to the RNLI £62.50
The Arm Ring of Yngvar: Bronze replicas of the eight arm rings of Yngvar in the Children of Ribe series. Crafted by Jelling Dragon exclusively for C.S. Woolley using the same method that the Vikings used to forge their own arm rings. The arm rings include the following:

1. Erland Kalebsen (FATE) – Thor’s Hammer Arm Ring – £35 each
2. Riki Andersen (WAR) – Dragon Head Arm Ring – £30 each
3. Dalla Ingeborgsdotter (WIFRITH) – Wolf Head Twisted Arm Ring – £30 each
4. Beatrix Anderdatter (DOUBT) – Danish Bracelet Arm Ring – £35 each
5. Pieter Mateosen (SKANE) – Raven Head Twisted Arm Ring – £30 each
6. Camila Anderdatter (SHIPWRECKED) – Ship Bracelet Arm Ring – £35 each
7. Christian Andersen (FEAR) – Valknut Bracelet Arm Ring – £35 each
8. Eva Axeldatter (HOME) – Jutland Bracelet Arm Ring – £35 each (There are three large Jutland arm rings available priced at £55 each) 

See the image below to view the bracelets according to their number.

£30 – £35 see each item.
The Arm Rings of Yngvar Collection: The 8 books of the first story arc in the Children of Ribe series in one volume. Includes FATE, WAR, WIFRITH, DOUBT, SKÅNE, SHIPWRECKED, FEAR and HOME £33.99
 Map of the Danelands (The Children of Ribe Series)  £7 each
 The Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow Book 1 A Thief in Stickleback Hollow  £5.99
 The Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow Book 2 All Hallows’ Eve in Stickleback Hollow  £5.99
 Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren Book 1 Beginnings  £8.99
 Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren Book 2 Kevin Metis Saga  £6.99
 Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren Book 3 Derek Long Saga  £6.99
 Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren Book 4 Lily & Rose Saga  £8.99
Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld Volume 1  £3.99
 Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld Volume 2  £3.99
 Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld Volume 3  £3.99
 Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld The Case of Mrs Weldon  £3.99
 Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld Hunting the Priest Killer  £3.99
 Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld Murder in the First  £3.99
 Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld Sabrina  £4.99
 Tales of Ragaris Book 1 We Do Not Kill Children  £13.99
 The Michael Morgan Books Book 1 In Exchange  £8.99
 Brothers  £13.99
 The Chronicles of Celadmore Book 1 Rising Empire: Part 1

Includes a digital copy and paperback copy of the book

 The Chronicles of Celadmore Book 2 Rising Empire: Part 2

Includes a digital copy and paperback copy of the book

 The Chronicles of Celadmore Book 3 Rising Empire: Part 3

Includes a digital copy and paperback copy of the book

 The Chronicles of Celadmore Book 4 Shroud of Darkness

Includes a digital copy and paperback copy of the book

 The Chronicles of Celadmore Book 5 Lady of Fire

Includes a digital copy and paperback copy of the book

 The Chronicles of Celadmore Book 6 End of Days

Includes a digital copy and paperback copy of the book

 The Chronicles of Celadmore Book 7 When Darkness Falls

Includes a digital copy and paperback copy of the book

 The Chronicles of Celadmore Books 1 – 3 The Rising Empire Trilogy  £21.99
 The Chronicles of Celadmore Books 4 – 6 The Shroud of Darkness Trilogy  £21.99
 Standing by the Watchtower Volume 1  £3.99
 Standing by the Watchtower Volume 2  £3.99
 Digital eBooks of each of the titles listed above (excluding the arm rings of Yngvar collection, the Rising Empire Trilogy and the Shroud of Darkness Trilogy) 

Digital files will be sent out to specified email addresses with files in either ePub or .mobi format.

 £1.80 each
 Purple Velvet Bookmark  £3 each
 Red Velvet Bookmark  £3 each

From left to right: back row – Danish Bracelet Arm Ring, Thor’s Hammer Arm Ring, Valknut Bracelet Arm Ring, and Jutland Bracelet Arm Ring. front row – Raven Head Twisted Arm Ring, Dragon Head Twisted Arm Ring, and Wolf Head Twisted Arm Ring

All payments must be made via paypal or BACS. If you would rather email your order through to us then send an email to with details including the books and merchandise items you want and dispatch address along with the name of the person the order is for. We’ll then send you an invoice via paypal. Alternatively, include the books and merchandise being ordered in the notes on the paypal payment. If you wish to make an order and payment by BACS send us n email and an invoice will be sent out with BACS details included.

Payments via Paypal and Card can be made by visiting https://PayPal.Me/mttsuk/ and entering the amount due with the additional comment “May Day Sale” followed by the name on the order. All book orders must be placed with payment by midnight on Monday 1st May 2017 (GMT) to take advantage of these offers

It has been a while coming, but the latest instalment in the Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren series is finally here.


Though releases like Sabrina may have kept your Siren cravings satisfied for a short while, finally book 4 in the main saga is here to answer questions about what happened to Fred, Siren, Rick and yes, Harry too.

“I wasn’t going to write more than three books in the main Siren narrative, but the Lily & Rose Saga was a book that just was begging to be written, after all, it didn’t feel right to leave the fate of Fred and Siren hanging in limbo forever.” – C.S. Woolley


The Lily & Rose Saga is set a few years after the events of the Derek Long Saga, so there is a little bit of a time lapse that readers can fill in the gaps for. It is also the penultimate book in the main narrative.

“The only main narrative book that is left to do is Legacy. Once that is done, then it will be the end of the Siren series. Before Legacy comes though there are a fair few of the shorter infill books planned and there is a bumper collection of five books that will contain all the Siren stories in chronological order – just to make it a little easier to read.” – C.S. Woolley


Though it is nearly the end of the road for the sassy private detective, the Lily & Rose Saga is out now in paperback and digital formats.