New Release: The Murder of Michael Hollingsworth

With the relaunch and reworking of the Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren series there are now even more stories set to come through to flesh out the world. The sixth story in the Siren series in the Murder of Michael Hollingsworth and it’s out now! The Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren series is a film […]

14 Fridays until Christmas

With just 14 Fridays to go until Christmas, you may be thinking that it’s too early to be thinking about your Christmas shopping. But for those of you who are organised and like to get things done before the mad rush and dispatch and delivery times on items get longer due to high demand, we’ve […]

Back to School with the Arm Rings of Yngvar

If you follow C.S. Woolley or Mightier Than the Sword UK on any of our social media channels, then you will know about the back to school offer that is currently running. If not, then you’ll find all the details below. The Arm Rings of Yngvar Collection refers to the first eight books in the […]

Blogging Resumed

It’s been a while since we released a blog because it’s been so busy in the Mightier Than the Sword UK Publication offices. However, we are back to posting our weekly blog and we have a lot to catch you up on. Our next post will be about what to expect in terms of releases […]

Big News Day

Well it’s a big news day for all of us here at Mightier Than the Sword UK. Whilst most of the population of the UK is dying in the heat, we’re celebrating some wonderful events! The first is the launch party for Penelope Wallace, it takes place tonight, 26th May 2017, at the Middle Street […]

All Hallows’ Eve in Stickleback Hollow

All Hallows’ Eve in Stickleback Hollow is the sequel to A Thief in Stickleback Hollow and, like its predecessor, contains lots of things you might have missed. The historical note contains lots of information that is relevant to the plot and events of the book, but there are also lots of other things that have […]

The Importance of a Proof Reader

When it comes to enjoying books, there is often one individual who goes largely unthanked by the reader- the proof reader. When a proof reader has done their job well, the reader has an enjoyable and error free reading experience. If they miss just one mistake, then suddenly a book is plagued by people complaining […]

The Bradford Steampunk and Gothic Fair

In just under two weeks time it’s the Bradford Steampunk and Gothic fair. Held in the Brewhaus, Bradford, UK, the Steampunk and Gothic fair is just what it sounds like – a celebration of all things Steampunk and Gothic. There will be a wide range of stalls that feature artists, authors, artisans and even a […]

What’s still to come in 2017

We’re already into May (how quickly the year seems to be passing) and we’ve already seen a lot of books published and changes happening at Mightier Than the Sword UK, but there is still so much more to look forward to! Some of these dates may change and one of two are still awaiting confirmation. […]


For our Friday blog instalment we’re taking a moment to look at the latest children’s book series by C.S. Woolley and asking the question, why WYRD? The word wyrd translates as fate, which was chosen to mirror the first book in the Children of Ribe series. Fate is a powerful force throughout myths and legends […]