Besides our acceptance of manuscripts for publishing consideration, we also have a range of extras that you might find interesting to look at.

Book Reviews – if you are looking for a professional review of your manuscript, advice on how to take it forward or are simply looking for impartial feedback on what you have created then our book review service could be just what you are looking for. Our free book review queue is currently full, but we will be hopefully able to open it back up in January.

Competitions – Keep an eye on the latest contests and competitions that we have going on and never miss your chance to win a host of fabulous prizes.

Interviews – See the interviews conducted with our wonderful authors, all in one convenient listing.

Bookstore & More – All our books and merchandising outlets that are owned and operated Mightier Than the Sword UK.

Services – All full list of the other services that our company offers.

Events – A list of events, past, present and future, that are authors have been involved (are involved or will be involved) with.

Bonus Materials – Here you can find the free bonus materials to help those with dyslexia

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