Bonus Materials

Bonus materials are coming soon.

Below are some tips that will help when it comes to making your own resources and materials.

1. Use a font that evenly spaces letters – Calibri, Verdana, Helvetica, Tahoma, Trebuchet and Sassoon are all dyslexia friendly fonts that you might not have considered before. If you’re creating something for an individual, find out which font works best for them.

2. Use 12pt font size as a minimum – 14 pt also works well. Any bigger and you start to undermine the confidence of the reader.

3. Set line spacing to at least 1.5.

4. Avoid capitalising everything. Lower case is much easier to read than block capitals.

5. Make sure that the paper you are using is thick enough for words to not show through on the other side.

6. Brilliant white isn’t the best colour to read from – cream is often more helpful (we had to make the choice between thick white paper and thin cream paper for the Children of Ribe and Children of Snotingas books and decided that the thick paper was better)


If you are interested in the Children of Ribe series, you can read about the books here or visit our eBay Store to purchase the first eight books in the series.

Information about the Children of Snotingas series is coming soon!