Below are our frequently asked questions which we have split into three sections to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Section 1 is dedicated to submitting manuscripts for publishing consideration. Section 2 is about our proof reading and editing services. Section 3 is our general site FAQs which covers everything else.

Section 1 – Submitting manuscripts for consideration

Do I need an agent to get my book published?

  • No you don’t. We accept submissions from anyone who thinks they have a literary work they want to see published.

What format should my book be in?

  • All pages or files should be double spaced, 12pt and font type should be Arial, Calibri, Courier New or Times New Roman. Handwritten submissions are not accepted. All printed documents should be on white A4 pages and be single-sided.

How much of a manuscript do I need to send for consideration?

  • We accept the submission of the first chapter of novels and works of non-fiction or the first ten pages of a short story or poetry collection. We also expect a covering letter to accompany any submission detailing a synopsis of the complete work and some information about you. The covering letter should not be longer than one side of A4. If submission is being made by post, then please include a self-addressed envelope so that manuscripts can be returned.

But my first chapter isn’t enough for you to really get to grips with my book; you need to read the whole thing!

  • Any first chapter that doesn’t engage the reader is not going to be very popular in what is an increasingly competitive market. Any submissions of manuscripts that do not comply with the formatting and volume specifications will not be considered.

Can I submit my work by post or by email?

Do I need to pay for anything?

  • No, if you are submitting a document for consideration for publication we do not accept or request any form of payment.

When will I know if my book has been accepted?

  • We will notify you within six weeks of having received your submission if we wish to see the rest of the manuscript or informing you that we cannot currently represent you.

Section 2 – Editing and Proof Reading Services

Why should I get my manuscript proof read, I like it how it is?

  • Proof reading and editing is a process in which experienced professionals read through your manuscript and look for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors as well as looking at the structure of your manuscript. Very few manuscripts are perfect and as it is something you have invested so much time and effort it, it is very difficult to see errors or sections of your manuscript where you have given too much description or not enough detail. Proof reading and editing looks at how your work is put together and how it can be improved. The criticism offered is only ever constructive. Many agents and publishers now also ask that your manuscript is proof read before it is submitted for consideration.

What will I get for my money with your proof reading and editing services?

  • Our proof reading and editing services include an edited version of your manuscript and a report that details the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript along with any suggested chances that our experienced professionals think need to be made.

Do you accept proof reading and editing manuscripts in paper format instead of digital?

  • At this time we do not offer proof reading and editing on manuscripts that are not in a digital format.

I only want a spelling and grammar check done on my manuscript, can you do this?

  • Yes, our cheapest and most basic bronze service offers a simple spelling and grammar check on your document.

How do I know you won’t steal my manuscript?

  • All manuscripts are subject to copyright that remains with the author, that you retain whilst the manuscript is being proof read and edited.

Are there any circumstances when you refuse to proof read or edit a manuscript?

  • If a manuscript is found to be the work of another author that is already published whether in a pirated version of the document or a plagiarised manuscript that changes minor details of someone else’s work then we will refuse to proof read or edit the work. We will also report such works to the proper authorities to help stamp out intellectual theft and plagiarism.

Section 3 – General FAQs

I can’t find what I am looking for!

  • There are two different types of site navigation – our main pages can be found on the left hand navigation bar whilst other pages can be found on the header bar. If you still can’t find what you are looking for then please contact us and we shall help as much as we can.

I want to contact the authors directly but can’t find any information about how to.

  • We do not provide personal contact information for any of the authors we represent. If you wish to contact them please us the contact us form and we shall pass on any appropriate comments to them.

How do I organise a blog tour or author appearance with your authors?

  • Any request for author appearances, blog tours or signings should be made through our contact us page.