C.S. Woolley Interview 2012

 Interview with C.S Woolley 04/12/2012

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Q. What is your name?

A. Caroline Sarah Woolley

Q. What is your quest?

A. To seek the holy grail

Q. What is the capital of Assyria?

A. Assur, maybe?

Q. What is your date of birth?

A. 1st June

Q. Where were you born?

A. In Macclesfield hospital

Q. Where did you grow up?

A. In a town called Wilmslow  in the county of Cheshire

Q. Which football team do you support?

A. Manchester United

Q. Where did you go to primary school?

A. A small village school called Mottram St. Andrew.

Q. Where did you go to secondary school?

A. Fallibroome High School in Macclesfield.

Q. Where did you go to university?

A. Firstly I went to Manchester Met to read law but left after a year to go to Hull University to read English.

Q. What is your favourite colour?

A. Red or maybe green…never could decide between the two of them, let alone pick a shade of one of them to peg as my favourite.

Q. What is your favourite film?

A. The Muppet Christmas Carol followed very closely by Space Jam.

Q. Last film you saw at the cinema?

A. Skyfall (brilliantly done!)

Q. Do you own any computer consoles?

A. X-box 360, PS3, Wii, Gamecube, PC, PS2, Playstation, Sega Mega Drive II, Gameboy colour, Gameboy Advance SP, DS and PSP.

Q. So you enjoy playing games then?

A. A little bit, I get bored very easily so gaming is a good way of keeping me pre-occupied so my mind can work over problems and get through writers block without sitting around, banging my head against a brick wall.

Q. Who is your favourite author?

A. I like quite a few authors, Bernard Cornwell, Richard Crompton, Derek Landry, Anthony Horowitz, C. S. Lewis, Manda Scott, Alexander Dumas, Raymond E Feist, Charles Dickens, William Nicholson and Edgar Allan Poe.

Q. What is your favourite book?

A. The Three Musketeers.

Q. What is the last book you read?

A. A Darkness at Sethanon

Q. What do you think of the 80s action movie genre?

A. Absolutely love it, there is something wonderful about films like Lethal Weapon, Predator, Rambo, Under Siege that are so easy to watch and don’t have you thinking that there was something missing at the end like a lot of new action films do. I really enjoyed the Expendables because of the throw back to the classic 80s action films.

Q. Does this mean you like buddy cop films too?

A. Absolutely! Turner and Hooch I think also falls into the whole buddy cop genre which is a fantastic film. Things like Bad Boys, Lethal Weapon and Rush Hour are films I can watch over and over again without getting bored.

Q. Who is your favourite band?

A. Thin Lizzy

Q. Have you ever seen them live?

A. Not yet, but I am going to see them on Sunday which I am very much looking forward to.

Q. Who was the last band you saw live?

A. The Darkness when they played in Nottingham last year.

Q. Do you have a favourite song?

A.  I have a lot of songs that I think are great and depending on my mood my favourite changes. There are songs by Bowling for Soup that I think are just fantastic fun and really enjoy, there are times when I really enjoy listening to Vivaldi and not doing very much, I love the classic rock and roll so will spend most of my day listening to Planet Rock if I have the time. There is also music that I enjoy listening to with different people and certain songs remind me of good times which make them special.

Q. Do you believe in God?

A. Yes, I have been a Christian for five years now and my life has been changed for the better by having God as part of it.

Q. Your writing style between your books is very different, why is that?

A. The Nicolette Mace: The Raven Siren series is the series that is very different from the rest of my work mainly because it was written as a series of short stories to emulate the classic P.I from film noir in prose. There is a very definitive split on people who love and hate the books, so they are my Marmite. The Chronicles of Celadmore are more reflective of my standard writing style.

Q. How long have you been writing?

A. For as long as I can remember, I used to write a lot of poetry in primary school and start writing stories and books but didn’t have any real idea on how to structure them in order to tell a story properly. I started working on the Chronicles of Celadmore when I was twelve and they have developed since then, going from originally being entitled Sparrow’s Flight and surrounding only six of the characters that are in the whole of the Chronicles of Celadmore series to the books as they are now. There are plans in the future to go back and edit the published titles into special editions with so embellishments, but that’s quite a way off yet.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration from?

A. There are lots of places I get inspiration, a lot of the time it’s being in a new place with new surroundings, or an event happens that triggers an idea. Music is another huge help in inspiration given the moods it can inspire. God is also one of my inspirations as well as the people around me. They also help to keep me from getting to wound up when I am struggling with a particular part of a book or I am just sick of writing and want to do something else.

Q. So your friends and family are supportive?

A. I am truly blessed by them all. They have been overwhelmingly helpful and supportive in the writing process as well as the publishing process. My mum and dad have been amazing and are always asking about what is happening as are my sisters. My friends are very good at mocking me about them to keep my feet on the ground and to help me improve as a writer, though sometimes I wish they weren’t so good at mocking me.

Q. You currently have three books published, what are your plans for the next few years in terms of new titles?

A. Well the next book that is going to be released is called Lady of Fire and is the sequel to Shroud of Darkness in the Chronicles of Celadmore series. That is due for release in digital format on 15th December and will be in paperback on 16th December. After that I have already started the sequel to Lady of Fire which will hopefully be out sometime next year, along with the prequel to The Kevin Metis Saga in the Nicolette Mace: The Raven Siren series. I have plans for two prequels to Shroud of Darkness along with two sequels to The Derek Long Saga, and a further three books that will act as sequels in the Chronicles of Celadmore. There are a few other books that are in planning stages that may well be on the cards for publication in the next few years, but that is dependent on how I feel about bringing out a new series of books when I am further along with the rest.

Q. Did you always want to be an author when you were little?

A. There was time when I wanted to be a doctor in the morning, a mummy in the afternoon and a ballerina in the evening, but after that phase passed it has always been about writing and acting. Acting has somewhat diminished due more to a lack of time than anything else. I did a lot of amateur theatre in years past and I have also been in an independent film so I am happy to have done what I did with acting without feeling like I have missed out on a dream.

Q. Is the dream of being an author everything you thought it would be?

A. It’s very exciting at times, and very odd too. The first time someone recognised my name and called me ‘the author’ was possibly the most surreal moment in my life. It’s also full of heartbreak and pain too, you’re always going to be proud and happy with what you have created and written but to have people trash it or not like it is always hard. But you can’t please everyone and taking the positive criticism helps you to improve and the people that like what you do help you to want to carry on. I have only ever written because I love to write, I don’t write to validate myself and I don’t write because I want to make billions out of putting pen to paper.

Q. Are you an animal lover?

A. Yes, I love animals. I often look after friend’s pets when they go away and I have always adored horses. I can’t watch Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers without wanting to go out horse riding, which is often inconvenient if I started watching it at 9pm.

Q. Do you have other creative outlets besides writing?

A. I really enjoy painting and I am also being taught to play guitar. I learnt the basics of bass guitar at 16 and have messed about with it a bit since then. I also knit and sew. I like to make Christmas presents for people rather than buying them so I spend about three months being very creative outside of writing every year. I enjoy singing too.

Q. What is your favourite flower?

A. Amaryllis followed by Gardenias.

DSCF1059The Kevin Metis Saga, The Derek Long Saga and Shroud of Darkness are all available in digital and paperback from amazon and in paperback from createspace and Barnes and Noble.

 Lady of Fire will be available in digital print from amazon on 15th December and in paperback from amazon, createspace and Barnes and Noble on 16th December.


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