Back to School with the Arm Rings of Yngvar

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If you follow C.S. Woolley or Mightier Than the Sword UK on any of our social media channels, then you will know about the back to school offer that is currently running. If not, then you’ll find all the details below.

20447422_10159024620095024_298263206_oThe Arm Rings of Yngvar Collection refers to the first eight books in the Children of Ribe series, which see the Children of Ribe searching for the arm rings of Yngvar. The Arm Rings of Yngvar gift set is an opportunity for readers to buy all eight paperbacks in a single bundle with the added bonus of an A3 map of the Danelands for 25% less than they would pay for buying each item separately.

Normally retailing at £56.99, the gift set is on offer at just £45 with £2.90 p&p for UK orders until 14th September 2017. On 15th September, the gift set will go back to being £56.99.

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However this isn’t the only offer that is running right now.

bt_bronze_braceletsIf you are a regular visitor to the site, you may have seen the gorgeous bronze arm rings that have been crafted for us on display. These are currently out of stock, but we did have a request made for cheaper arm rings that children could play with. Thus the highly creative C.S. Woolley went to her drawing board, dredged up her costuming knowledge from days gone by and came up with a line of arm rings that are handmade to order out of polymer clay and retail for just £5 each plus p&p.

21729975_10159259171270024_933749259_oAs the arm rings are made out of polymer clay they are suitable for children and adults alike and as they are made to the specified size and number of each order without the use of moulds, each arm ring is unique.

So to celebrate the release of these little marvels, we’ve put together a second Arm Rings of Yngvar gift set that features all eight of the books in the Children of Ribe series, the A3 map of the Danelands and one of the polymer clay arm rings for just £56.99 until 21st September 2017. On 22nd September this gift set will be priced at £59.99.

So don’t miss out on your chance to take advantage of these great deals; claim your gift set now!

Welcome to Denmark, home of the Vikings

When fate knocks at the door, it doesn’t matter how old you are or whether you want to go on an adventure or not.

21744800_10159258246595024_240944598_oThe town of Ribe is the home of four children whose lives are turned upside down when Dalla Ingeborgsdotter arrives in the town. The tales of the storyweavers are no longer just stories to be recited by the fireside and the long peace between the tribes of Denmark looks sure to be shattered.

Join Erland Kabelsen, Christian Andersen, Dalla Ingeborgsdotter, Eva Axeldatter, Riki Andersen and Wifrith the Wolf as they set out on a journey that will change their lives and save their people.

21706459_10159259911355024_1310935111_oThe Children of Ribe is a Viking Saga for children bringing the culture and mythology of the Danish Vikings to life. The book series has been influenced by Enid Blyton, Arthur Ransome, Susan Cooper, J R R Tolkien and C. S. Lewis.

Based in Denmark during the time of the Vikings, these books are tales of magic and danger that are suitable for children from the ages of seven and up to read on their own but also perfect for people to read to children from the age of 4.

The Children of Ribe is a modern fairy tale that brings elements of Danish folklore and mythology to life mixed with elements of Viking culture. These books have been designed to help children with dyslexia to read. You can watch author C.S. Woolley talking about dyslexia and reading from FATE, book 1 in the Children of Ribe series here:

21585456_10159240303370024_1718988376_oWhether you are interested in Vikings, studying them at school, or are simply shopping for the perfect gift for your favourite bookworm, the Children of Ribe series is just what you are looking for.


FATE, Book 1 in the Children of Ribe series has been used by Marton Primary School in Cheshire to help teach the Viking part of the National Curriculum to their year 3 and 4 pupils.

WAR: An Extract

Advent Calendar 2016

Christmas is over and all the supermarkets in Great Britain seem convinced that it’s already Easter, but we’re not quite done with our Christmas giving. Today we are bringing you the opening to WAR, book 2 in the Children of Ribe by C.S. Woolley. The Children of Ribe is a book a modern fairytale and Viking saga for children.

WAR: an extract

“Where are we?” Riki Andersen frowned as he looked around. The last thing he remembered, he had been scrambling to pick up his sword. He had dropped it when he tried to draw it from its scabbard. The warriors of Hedeby had found them on the headland opposite Lindholm.

“I don’t know.” Eva Axeldatter replied. She had been the only one of the children who was ready to fight the advancing warriors. Her pet wolf, Wifrith, was sat next to his mistress. The danger that had threatened her was gone. The wolf didn’t care where they were now, only that Eva was safe.

“You are on the island of Fyn.” a female voice said. Eva and Riki turned round. Behind them were stood Dalla Ingeborgsdotter, Christian Andersen, Erland Kalebsen and a woman that neither of them had seen before.

She wasn’t a normal woman, she looked like a spirit. She was stood next to Erland, though neither Erland nor Christian seemed surprised to see her. Eva wondered if she was a threat, but Wifrith wasn’t growling.

“Aldís,” Erland said, “why are you here?” he asked.

“I am the guardian of the arm ring of Yngvar, now that you have found the arm ring, I will be there to protect you wherever you go.” Aldís replied.

“You transported us to Fyn?” Christian asked.

“I did. I can only protect you when Erland is wearing the arm ring though. If he hadn’t put it on before the warriors reached you, I wouldn’t have been able to transport you to safety.” Aldís said.

“Why did you bring us to the island of Fyn?” Dalla asked.

“Because it is the furthest away from the warriors of Hedeby I could carry you, your ponies and all of your belongings,” Aldís replied, “you should rest for the night.” The spirit said before she disappeared.

“An unusual day we’re having.” Christian said under his breath.

Riki set to work looking for wood so that Christian could build a fire. Christian and Erland were both still wet and cold after swimming the strait between the headland and Lindholm to find the arm ring. The two boys were checking the ponies, the warm bodies of the ponies helping to keep the two warm until the fire was built.

“We should put up the tent.” Eva said. The tent they had made to camp in the woods to the east of Viborg had been saved and packed onto the back of Riki’s pony. It didn’t take the two girls long to put it together.

Erland and Christian went inside the tent to change out of their wet clothes. Eva sat down with Dalla as they went through the food supplies they had.

“When did you learn how to do magic?” Eva asked quietly.

“Ciara taught me.” Dalla replied. She didn’t look at Eva as she spoke.

“Is that why we were kidnapped?” Eva asked, chewing on her bottom lip.

“Yes.” Dalla said meekly.

“When were you going to tell us?” Eva asked calmly.

“I don’t know. I was hoping you wouldn’t find out. I didn’t want you all to be angry with me.” Dalla was close to tears.

Eva didn’t say a word. She stood up and went to help Riki with the fire. Dalla sat looking miserable. Wifrith lay close beside her, his watchful eyes fixed on the food.

Erland and Christian felt much better when they had changed into dry clothes. Erland was wearing his arm ring proudly as he stepped out of the tent. He was carrying the wet clothes. Riki and Eva had lit the fire and gone in search of water.

“All alone?” Erland asked Dalla as he laid out the clothes so that they would dry by the fire.

“Wifrith is here.” Dalla replied.

“Where are Riki and Eva?” Erland asked.

“They went to get water, I think. They didn’t tell me.” Dalla shrugged.

“Oh.” Erland said. He felt a little uncomfortable talking to Dalla. He found it hard to talk to girls at the best of times. They liked him a lot, but he was always tongue tied. Dalla was even more of a problem to talk to. She swung between being very happy and very sad and always seemed to have a faraway look in her eyes.

“We should make a pen for the ponies.” Dalla said, breaking the awkward silence.

“Good idea!” Erland said enthusiastically. He waited for Dalla to put away the food and then the two set to work building a pony pen.

Christian had fallen asleep inside the tent. Wifrith padded in and flopped down beside the boy. The wolf knew that Christian was important to his mistress, so he guarded him whilst he slept.

“Are you angry with Dalla?” Riki asked Eva. The two were looking for any signs of a river close by.

“Yes.” Eva said shortly.

“Why?” Riki asked.

“She learned magic from the witch that held us prisoner.” Eva said with a frown.

“She was a prisoner too. Ciara put her under a spell.” Riki replied.

“Don’t say her name.” Eva’s eyes flared as she spoke.

“Why not?” Riki asked.

“When you say the name of evil things you give them more power.” Eva warned.

“Don’t say things like that!” Riki whined.

“It’s true; you’ve heard the old stories.” Eva said.

“But in the old stories saying the name doesn’t only give it more power. It calls the evil to you.” Riki shuddered as he spoke.

“Exactly. So don’t say her name.” Eva said pointedly.

“Okay. The witch it is,” Riki agreed, “but Dalla really was a prisoner too. I heard the witch casting spells over Dalla and I am sure the witch put potions in Dalla’s food too.”

“It doesn’t matter. Dalla put us all in danger.” Eva said stubbornly.

“What about you?” Riki asked.

“What do you mean, ‘what about you’?” Eva demanded.

“You got captured by that troll. You put us all in danger.” Riki asked innocently.

“That was different. We weren’t all prisoners of the troll.” Eva snapped.

“No, but Christian fought the troll to free you. We didn’t have to fight the witch, we just ran away.” Riki said.

“It’s not the same thing.” Eva refused to admit she was wrong.

“If you say so,” Riki shrugged, “hey, look over there, I can see a pond!”

More about the Children of Ribe

A Viking Saga. The Children of the Viking town of Ribe must find the eight arm rings of Yngvar. The arm rings contain magic, which will save their town from the warrior horde of King Viggo Odinsen.

To find out more about the four books in the Children of Ribe series, follow these links: FATE, WAR, WIFRITH, DOUBT.

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9th Day of Christmas

Advent Calendar 2016

We’re taking another break from the short stories today to bring you an extract from another one of our books – FATE, book 1 in the Children of Ribe Saga. The Children of Ribe books are written by C.S. Woolley and aimed at children who are not only interested in adventure and magic, but also learning about the Vikings.

FATE: an extract

“Erland! Erland, wake up!” Christian Andersen jumped up and down on Erland’s bed. Erland Kalebsen opened his eyes and glared at the young man of sixteen who was shaking him.

“What do you want?” Erland pushed his best friend off the bed and sat up. Christian collapsed in a heap on the floor and grinned.

“I have something to tell you.”

Erland yawned and looked out the window, noticing that it was still dark outside he asked, “What time is it?”

“I don’t know, maybe four o’clock?” Christian shrugged.

“Four o’clock! Why are you waking me up at four o’clock?!” Erland demanded.

“Keep your voice down. You’ll wake up your mother. She won’t be pleased I climbed through the window again.” Christian hissed.

“You better not have left footprints on the wall. She’ll hit you with the broom until you’re sore!” Erland said, sticking his head out of the window. It was too dark to see if Christian had tracked mud up the side of the house.

“I was careful; I didn’t even step on the window this time. Look, your mother will get over it, Frigg is a good sport really. Anyway, I have something important to tell you!” Christian said, his chin length blonde hair bouncing up and down as he spoke.

“Well, what is it?” Erland asked grumpily.

“There’s a new girl in town!” Christian grinned.

“A new girl? You woke me up at 4 o’clock because there is a new girl in town?” Erland stared at his best friend.

The two boys were both sixteen. Erland was a tall boy with dirty blonde hair and dark blues eyes, something he had inherited from his mother. He was strong for his age, but when he stood next to Christian he looked decidedly small. Christian was shorter than Erland, but a lot more muscular. He had a slight blonde stubble spread across his chin and blonde hair to his chin that was so light it was blinding if the sun caught it at the right angle.

Though they were the same age, Erland was a lot less interested in girls than Christian was.

“She’s not just any new girl, she comes from Norway.” Christian replied.

“So?” Erland asked.

“So! Don’t you listen to the stories that Alessia and Sibel tell?” Christian said with exasperation.

“No, I’m too old to be listening to fairy tales. I need to learn about running the farm and how to protect the town and the farm from thieves and wolves.” Erland said, lying down again.

“What a load of nonsense, you are too young for that, you should listen to Alessia and Sibel. Their stories are all about adventure!” Christian’s eyes danced as he sat on the edge of Erland’s bed.

“A girl coming to Ribe from Norway is important in the stories?” Erland asked.

“Well, no, not Norway. It’s the legend of the arm rings of Yngvar.” Christian said scratching his head.

“The legend of the arm rings of Yngvar? Another tale of adventure and daring that cause your sisters to swoon?” Erland rolled over and pulled the blankets over his head.

“Beatrix and Camilla aren’t interested in adventure stories, they just want to sit in the meadow and make daisy chains.” Christian tutted.

“I think you missed my point.” Erland muttered.

“Look, Erland, the legend of the arm rings of Yngvar, it says when a girl from a distant land arrives that danger is near at hand. That heroes must rise from the town and set out to find the rings.” said Christian.

“And these rings are not normal arm rings like the ones that my father has?” Erland asked, his voice muffled by the blankets.


“And each arm ring will give the wearer untold power and unmatchable skill?”


“And there are only a few days when you can find these arm rings of Yngvar before disaster befalls everyone and the darkness takes hold?”

“You do know the legend!” Christian said with a smile.

“No, I just know the stories that Alessia and Sibel tell.” Erland said crossly. The sound of footsteps echoed in the corridor outside Erland’s room.

“Uh oh.” Christian said.

“I told you to keep your voice down.” Erland said from under the blanket. The door to Erland’s room opened. Erland’s mother, Frigg, stood in doorway.

“Christian Andersen! You should be at home in your bed!” Frigg said in a stern voice.

“Yes, Frigg.” Christian sighed. He started to climb over Erland to get to the window.

“What do you think you are doing?” Frigg shouted.

“Going out the same way I came in.” Christian said and instantly regretted it. Frigg grabbed her broom and started chasing Christian.

“I told you not to climb the side of our house!” Frigg yelled and Christian ran to the front door. He undid all the bolts and ran outside. Erland heard his mother slam the door, bolt it and walk back to his room.

“What did he want?” Frigg asked.

“Something about the legend of the arm rings of Yngvar.” Erland yawned.

“I see.” Frigg said with a slight frown on her face.

“He believes all those tales that Alessia and Sibel tell to the children.” Erland said as he drifted back to sleep.

“You are still a child.” Frigg whispered as she closed the door to Erland’s room.

More about the Children of Ribe

A Viking Saga. The Children of the Viking town of Ribe must find the eight arm rings of Yngvar. The arm rings contain magic, which will save their town from the warrior horde of King Viggo Odinsen.

To find out more about the four books in the Children of Ribe series, follow these links: FATE, WAR, WIFRITH, DOUBT.

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