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Looking for somewhere to get away to this summer? Don’t have a huge budget to spend on expensive hotels and five star dining? Well, we at Mightier Than the Sword UK have the solution – why not try holidaying in Celadmore?

Summer in Celadmore 01

Celadmore is a realm that offers a wide range of different destinations with activities and landscapes to suit even the fussiest of holiday makers.

Kasna Beach 1

Prince Kasna Nosfa, Rising Empire: Part2

There are beaches galore to be found in Celadmore, but the finest beaches we have to offer can be found around the sun-drenched shores of the Silver Ocean.

Venetia Stars 1

Queen Venetia Silvermoore, Lady of Fire

You aren’t limited to activities in the daytime either – the night skies in Celadmore are some of the finest you’ll see anywhere in the universe, making Celadmore the perfect destination for those who love to stargaze.

Misna Champions 1

Raven General Misna, Rising Empire: Part 1

Our warriors are proud of the blood that flows through their veins and compete in often brutal competitions to show the superiority of their race. You may have heard rumours of the war of the Nine Kingdoms, the Dragonian Wars, the War of the East and the Conquest of Aksoth’s forces, but we can assure you, these are nothing more than unsubstantiated gossip.*

Alacana Abbey 1

Queen Alacana Ramos, Shroud of Darkness

Of course, Celadmore has it’s quiet side as well. The plains of Celadmore are littered with abbeys and temples that offer a place for quiet reflection and escape from the rush of everyday life. There are rules about who can enter some of the abbeys and temples though, so be sure to check before you set of to visit them.

Kasnata Mountains 1

Queen Kasna Nosfa, Rising Empire: Part 1

For those who prefer a cool climate and snow sports, the Blue Mountains offer the perfect setting for ice climbing, trekking on our stunning glaciers, skiing and snowboarding, though we do advise you watch out of the wildlife that inhabits the area, some of it is more than a little unfriendly.

Gruagadon Ruins 1

Prince Gruagadon Tutesk, End of Days

There are lots of historic ruins the visit across Celadmore, some more recent than others, that give you the opportunity to experience our rich history and discover some of the darker secrets of the realm.

Rathe Mountains Small 1

General Rathe Bird, Rising Empire: Part 1

It’s not just the surface of Celadmore that you can explore, there are also all the cave cities and settlements that are carved into the hill and mountainsides across the realm.

Kia Fields 1

Princess Kia Nosfa, Rising Empire: Part 2

For those who are much more interested in nature than in exploring the human elements of Celadmore, there are a plethora of wide open spaces to be explored and experienced and enough native wildlife to keep even the most experienced entomologists happy.

twin swords 1

Queen Venetia Silvermoore and Queen Alacana Ramos, Shroud of Darkness

*Mightier Than the Sword UK accepts no responsibility for wars breaking out across Celadmore. If you find yourself in the middle of a battle, we advise you hide or pick up a sword.

Misna Dragons 1

Raven General Misna, Rising Empire: Part 3

The Chronicles of Celadmore is a fantasy book series by C.S. Woolley and features the following titles:

Rising Empire: Part 1, Rising Empire: Part 2, Rising Empire: Part 3, Shroud of Darkness, Lady of Fire and End of Days are all available in digital and paperback format from a wide range of booksellers around the world. Digital copies start from just 59p per copy (kobo).

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Gruagadon Quote 1

Venetia SoD Quote 07

Gruagadon Quote 02

Venetia SOD Quote 06

Gruagadon Quote 03

Venetia SOD Quote 04

Shroud of Darkness banner 2
Shroud of Darkness is the fourth book in the Chronicles of Celadmore, but it was the first book in the series to be written. It is also the first book in the Shroud of Darkness trilogy.

“When I started writing Shroud of Darkness I was 12. I had been inspired to write something epic, but it wasn’t called Shroud of Darkness until I was 15. Originally the book was going to be a single volume called Flight of the Swallow. The heroes and villains were the same, but the portals that feature in the series were used quite differently. Starting writing something when I was so young, it was hardly surprising that the book transformed into what it is now. This was partly due to me growing up and gaining more experience of the world, but also from the inspiration I drew from the trailer for Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring. Arwen threatening the Ringwraiths in the river gave me the inspiration to create the warrior women of the Anaguras and the appearance of Strider in the trailer gave rise to the Queterians. At that age I hadn’t read Lord of the Rings and I hadn’t even seen the movies before I started writing.”

Shroud of Darkness is an epic that sees Celadmore as a very different realm to the one that Kasnata and her people inhabited.

“Things have changed in the 400 years between the two trilogies. War still remains though. Celadmore is recovering from a twenty year war that has ravaged the land and the characters are all feeling the after effects of the events from the war. The Order is much more divided and the Valians are far more of a threat than they were in Rising Empire.”

Though the world has changed since Rising Empire, you also get to experience much more of the realm too. The central character in Shroud of Darkness is Venetia, one of the RAVEN queens of the Anaguras, the Queterians have their own king and though they are still one people, their lives, cities and military forces are split.

“Shroud of Darkness is a book that still holds a very special place in my heart, it’s the least serious of all the books in the Chronicles of Celadmore and the characters are living in a state where they are still celebrating the end of conflict and really don’t want to be drawn into another war and most don’t even want to admit that there is anything wrong.”

There are a few customer reviews to be found for Shroud of Darkness:

“It’s hard for books to distinguish themselves nowadays, especially books in the fantasy genre.

There are many books out there that are well marketed but when it comes to the text, it is always disappointing. This one is brilliant. It says it’s the third book in a series, but it’s the first one I have read and I was able to follow everything that was going on without a problem! The characters are a myriad of people that seem to be written in a very realistic way – you hate some of them, find some of them irritating, some of the stupid, some of them extremely unlucky, some of them that you fall instantly in love with and some you just like because they are, for want of a better word, cool. I’ve talked to my friend who recommended this book and their favourite character is completely different to mine.

The character of Caslo had to be my favourite, he isn’t a major character as far as the plot goes but I instantly fell for him and felt that that he was, to put it simply, cool.

The feel of the book is a bit like the writing of Tolkien but without the long drawn out conversations. The world you enter into is well fleshed out, complete with different languages, races of people, kingdoms, tensions and feels fully formed from the first page. The history is well established and it almost feels like you are about to go exploring the realm of Celadmore as you delve into the pages.

The plot on the face of it seems to give you everything upfront, but this is a ruse. There are many twists to the plot and C.S. Woolley has managed to keep the plot simple without being boring, focusing on key elements of what makes a good story and filling out the book with the many subplots that are woven together with the main plot line and flesh out the story into something wonderful.

I am now reading the next book in the series as the cliffhanger at the end demanded I read on before going back to find the other books in the series. I would recommend this to anyone who loves to read and especially those who don’t like the fantasy genre – it may just turn you!” – Taken from

“My favourite character in both the Chronicles of Celadmore and the Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren books first appears in Shroud of Darkness and there is a child-like quality to a lot of the characters. Most of them are still young and have a very narrow view of the world that has been forged by the war. There are a lot of insular attitudes and misunderstandings that come out of these. Shroud of Darkness will also always be really special for me as a book as it got to number 4 in the Kobo fantasy charts and was outselling George R.R. Martin, Raymond E. Feist, Robin Hobb and it was the first moment when I felt like a real author.”

Shroud of Darkness is available for £1.99 in digital formats and £9.99 in paperback formats from all good retailers. You can get your copy now from amazon.

Did you know?

Shroud of Darkness was originally over 1,000 pages long and comprised most of the events of Lady of Fire and End of Days. When C.S. Woolley finished writing the original draft, she decided there was just too much for it to be featured in one book and so split the story into three to let it develop more and ultimately led to a more satisfying story as well as the creation of the other 18 books in the series as well as the 20 part spin off series, The Dragonian Wars. For those of you that are counting, that’s 41 books in total!

Shroud of Darkness 300


If you already own a copy of Shroud of Darkness, then the fun doesn’t have to stop there! A line of Chronicles of Celadmore merchandise has been created and some of it is already available for purchase!

Shroud of Darkness Mug

Shroud of Darkness Poster

Other Shroud of Darkness Merchandise

Chronicles of Celadmore Logo Poster

Map of Celadmore Poster

A range of notecards and other posters featuring the character faces and quotes (some of which you can see further up in this blog post) are due to be released along with a range of bookmarks and postcards** slightly later this year. The notecards and posters featuring the characters are being released to raising money for charity. 50% of the profits from every sale of the notecards and posters featuring the characters are to be split between two charities – 25% of the profits going to the Broad Appeal and 25% of the profits going to the British Heart Foundation. Though we don’t have an official release date for these yet, we do know you will be able to order them for collection at the UK Indie Lit Fest (that C.S. Woolley and Steven M. Caddy are attending) and you will be able to purchase them for delivery through this site as well as through Etsy.

** the designs for the bookmarks and postcards have yet to be released.

SoD Trio

The sequel to Rising Empire: Part 1 is OUT NOW!

Front REPT2 redesignFollow the continuing tale of Queen Kasnata as she forges a reputation that will last for centuries. We asked C.S. Woolley how she felt about the latest volume in the Chronicles of Celadmore and what impact the book has on the rest of the series.

“I was really excited about going back and telling the story of characters that are mentioned and not really seen in the Shroud of Darkness Trilogy. The plan for the Rising Empire novels has been in my head since I started writing Shroud of Darkness. It isn’t so much to provide backstory, you don’t need to have read them before you read the Shroud of Darkness trilogy, but at the same time, they do go a long way to establishing a lot of the history that you read about in that trilogy. I really enjoyed getting to go back and outline the events that happened before moving on with the rest of the series. There are also things in the Rising Empire books that are going to be really important later on, so I felt that going back and getting them written was the right thing to do.”

The blood moon rises and madness is unleashed.

The nine kingdoms of Celadmore are at war. The people suffer under tyrants that strive to gain land and power in the struggle for superiority.

Kasnata, Queen of the Order and Queen of Nosfa leads her armies against the people of Delma. A war she did not want to fight, but her husband, the King of Nosfa, Mercia Nosfa VI has forced her hand.

Leinad, the heir to the throne of Nosfa and son of Kasnata, is held hostage in the city of Grashindorph where revolution is beginning. Hermia, mother of Mercia and former Queen of Nosfa leads the revolution against her son, a revolution to end the wars and tyranny that their people suffer under. Kasna and Kia are safe from their father in the Oasis of Tulna, but Duke Kelmar DeLacey, Regent of Delma, still hunts for them.

Kasnata’s empire is growing and her legacy is being forged through war, not diplomacy, a mantle her people will carry down the ages.

But there is more at work than any mortal knows, their lives, though fleeting, will form the realm and the consequences of their actions will be felt for centuries to come.

The Chronicles of Celadmore (in chronological order)

The Rising Empire Trilogy
1. Rising Empire: Part 1 (Exclusive to Amazon)
2. Rising Empire: Part 2
3. Rising Empire: Part 3 (due for publication 1st September 2015)

Shroud of Darkness Trilogy
4. Shroud of Darkness
5. Lady of Fire
6. End of Days

To celebrate the release of Rising Empire: Part 2, Rising Empire: Part 1 is free on kindle on 15th July ONLY.

RE 1 & RE 2 banner

Rising Empire: Part 2 is available in paperback and digital formats from the following retailers:

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RE 2

We are also very pleased to confirm that Rising Empire: Part 2, the sequel to Rising Empire: Part 1 (funny that), is being released on Tuesday 14th July!

RE 1 & RE 2 banner

To celebrate the release of C.S. Woolley’s 15th book, the Kevin Metis Saga will be free to download from amazon on 14th July to 18th July and Rising Empire: Part 1 will be free to download from amazon on 15th July only.

Kevin Metis Free Days

End of Days is OUT NOW!


Yes, it’s the long awaited the release of C.S. Woolley’s latest title in the Chronicles of Celadmore series! End of Days is the final installment in the story arc that follows Venetia and her companions as they fight against the forces of Nether Roth in the Shroud of Darkness trilogy*.


Tagcloud End of Days 3The end is here. Aksoth’s forces roam unchecked across the plains of Celadmore; the people of Celadmore have been forced to retreat to the fallen city of Grashindorph. Within the city there is trouble. Leaders of each of the countries of Celadmore seek to control the city.

Mistrust runs like a fever through the city. Scheming and corruption distract the people from preparing to stand against Aksoth in one final battle.

Revolution stirs amongst the poorest of the people; Venetia seeks to restore Gruagadon to his rightful place on the throne of Nesca and will sacrifice anything to get him there.

Harmony is so far from their grasp that the thought of victory fades as forces, beyond the control of any mortal, clash and the future of Celadmore is decided.

In this final bastion, they must find victory or Aksoth will purge the realm of light of all life.


Get your copy of End of Days, Book 6 in the Chronicles of Celadmore from the following retailers from just $2.99**:

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Copies are also available in English from,,,,,,, and


*the Shroud of Darkness trilogy contains (in chronological order): Shroud of Darkness, Lady of Fire and End of Days.

**some stockist take up to two weeks to display new titles after the day of release. Users with nook, kobo or iOS devices can download compatible copies of End of Days directly from the approved Etsy store or from For those who prefer paperbacks, you can buy direct from the printers here.

Amazon have announced today that there are some problems with Kindle book service.

“At this time, customers who have purchased a Kindle book cannot automatically download the revised content. Our technical team is aware of this issue and working to automate this process.”

The Kindle system is supposed to offer customers the opportunity to update their Kindles when publishers and authors update or revise the book files on the amazon system. This doesn’t affect new customers of books though.

“Please be assured that, the latest version of your title is what is currently available for sale on our website; hence, customers will receive the updated version only.”

Well flu season is definitely upon us and we have seen those here at Mightier Than the Sword UK dropping like flies to the dreaded flu and, even worse, the dreaded man flu.

Despite all this we have some great news – Rising Empire: Part 1, the first book in the Chronicles of Celadmore has gotten itself a book spotlight on Book Viral. We’ve read the review and know that C.S. Woolley is very pleased with it all. Rising Empire: Part 1 is $3.45 on kindle and $12.59 in paperback from; £2.26 on kindle and £8.99 in paperback from

Check out the Book Viral Spotlight on Rising Empire: Part 1 here

We’re gearing up to the big release of Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 3 on 28th February, but fans of Nicolette Mace can pre-order their copy from Amazon and iBooks.

We’re also looking forward to the first of the Nicolette Mace: the Raven SirenFilling the Afterlife from the Underworld shorts that is also due to hit not only our site but also YouTube on 28th February as well.

We’re working hard to bring more web content to the site and looking to have some more exciting news about new titles and more Siren shorts as soon as we all get over this horrible flu bout!