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If you hadn’t already heard, C.S. Woolley will be appearing at Wilmslow Library in Cheshire during the Easter Holidays as part of the launch for WYRD, book 1 in the all new Children of Snotingas series. Not only will C.S. Woolley be on hand to sign books and pose for photos, she will also be giving a talk on dyslexia, her Viking series, the Children of Ribe and the latest series, the Children of Snotingas.


You can pre-order books for the event at discounted prices (see below for details), but the best thing is that with every pre-order you also get entered into our fabulous competition! 4 runners up will win free entry into the library event and a signed copy of WYRD and one lucky winner will received free entry to the library event, a signed copy of WYRD and a character named after them or their child in HILD, the second book in the Children of Snotingas series.

Item Cost
The Children of Ribe: A Viking Saga for Children Book 1: FATE £5.99
The Children of Ribe: A Viking Saga for Children Book 2: WAR £5.99
The Children of Ribe: A Viking Saga for Children Book 3: WIFRITH £5.99
The Children of Ribe: A Viking Saga for Children Book 4: DOUBT £5.99
The Children of Ribe: A Viking Saga for Children Book 5: SKÅNE £5.99
The Children of Ribe: A Viking Saga for Children Book 6: SHIPWRECKED 60p from each sale  goes to the RNLI £5.99
The Children of Ribe: A Viking Saga for Children Book 7: FEAR £5.99
The Children of Ribe: A Viking Saga for Children Book 8: HOME £5.99
The Children of Snotingas: An Anglo Saxon Saga for Children Book 1: WYRD £5.99
FATE Gift Set: Includes paperback book, eBook and A3 poster of the Children of Ribe Map £11.95
Just the Books Gift Set: Includes all 8 paperbacks in the Children of Ribe series as separate books. £4.50 from each sale of this Gift Set goes to the RNLI £45
Children of Ribe Gift Set Framed: Includes all 8 paperback book, 8 eBooks, plus framed A3 posters of the map, FATE cover art, WAR cover art and WIFRITH cover art. £6 from each sale of this gift set goes to the RNLI £75
Children of Ribe Gift Set: Includes all 8 paperback book, 8 eBooks, plus unframed A3 posters of the map, FATE cover art, WAR cover art and WIFRITH cover art. £6 from each sale of this gift set goes to the RNLI £62.50
The Arm Ring of Yngvar: Bronze replicas of the eight arm rings of Yngvar in the Children of Ribe series. Crafted by Jelling Dragon exclusively for C.S. Woolley using the same method that the Vikings used to forge their own arm rings. The arm rings include the following:

Erland Kalebsen (FATE) – Thor’s Hammer Arm Ring – £35 each
Riki Andersen (WAR) – Dragon Head Arm Ring – £40 each
Dalla Ingeborgsdotter (WIFRITH) – Wolf Head Twisted Arm Ring – £35 each
Beatrix Anderdatter (DOUBT) – Danish Bracelet Arm Ring – £40 each
Pieter Mateosen (SKANE) – Raven Head Twisted Arm Ring – £40 each
Camila Anderdatter (SHIPWRECKED) – Ship Bracelet Arm Ring – £35 each
Christian Andersen (FEAR) – Valknut Bracelet Arm Ring – £40 each
Eva Axeldatter (HOME) – Jutland Bracelet Arm Ring – £45 each




£35 – £45 see each item.

The Arm Rings of Yngvar Collection: The 8 books of the first story arc in the Children of Ribe series in one volume. Includes FATE, WAR, WIFRITH, DOUBT, SKÅNE, SHIPWRECKED, FEAR and HOME £33.99

From left to right: back row – Danish Bracelet Arm Ring, Thor’s Hammer Arm Ring, Valknut Bracelet Arm Ring, and Jutland Bracelet Arm Ring. front row – Raven Head Twisted Arm Ring, Dragon Head Twisted Arm Ring, and Wolf Head Twisted Arm Ring

Payments via Paypal and Card can be made by visiting https://PayPal.Me/mttsuk/ and entering the amount due with the additional comment “Wilmslow Library Event” followed by the name on the order. All book orders must be placed with payment by Monday 10th April 2017 to guarantee the books will be available on 13th April. Any orders received after this can be posted out at no extra cost to any UK postal address or shipped to the library.

You can access a PDF of the order form here: Price List Wilmslow Library Event

All payments must be made via paypal to pre-order books. Cash payments will be accepted on the day, but stock cannot be guaranteed. Please email all completed order forms to along with the name of the person the order is for. Alternatively, include the books and merchandise being ordered in the notes on the paypal payment.


C.. Woolley (right) and Lindow Deputy Head, Mrs Lomas (left)

World Book Day comes but once a year and it sees children dressing up as their favourite book characters, taking their favourite books to school and really engaging with reading.

Some schools go the extra mile and bring in special visitors for the day – which is exactly what happened at Lindow Primary School in Cheshire.

Not only did they invite our company founder and prolific author, C.S. Woolley to spend the day with the staff and students of the school, but also asked her to official open the new school library, “booktropolis”.

C.S. Woolley barely stopped throughout the day from giving a talk and opening the library during the whole school assembly, to running a writing workshop with years 5 and 6 between the first break and lunch. Her lunch time was spent talking to dyslexic students about what they found difficult and the afternoon saw years 3 and 4 taking part in a writing workshop too.

You can read the newspaper write-up of the event here.

C.S. Woolley has written two children’s book series – the Children of Ribe and the Children of Snotingas. Both are historically accurate fictions for children that have been formatted to specifically help dyslexic children with their reading.

The Children of Ribe is set in Viking Denmark and follows a group of children from the ages of 10 to 18 as they search for the arm rings of Yngvar – magical artefacts that have the power to save the town of Ribe from the evil forces that threaten it.

The books include:

  1. FATE
  2. WAR
  4. DOUBT
  5. SKANE
  7. FEAR
  8. HOME

(There are another 16 books to come yet in the series – you can find out more about the books here)

The Children of Snotingas is set in Anglo Saxon England and follows the formation of the kingdom of Mercia as they split from Northumbria. The series takes a in depth look at the lives of the nobles, the warriors, the ceorls and the slaves as well as the prisoners that were taken. The series involves real people from the Anglo Saxon times in a similar way to how Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe and C.S. Forester’s Hornblower involve historical figures and the events that were unfolding at the time.



C.S. Woolley as Ciara the Volva from the Children of Ribe series

This series has also been formatted to help dyslexic children with reading and has also been written so that it can be used as a teaching aid when children are learning about the Anglo Saxons in primary school.

The first book in the series, WYRD, is due for publication soon. The original publication date was delayed due to problems with the cover art, but we are working hard to rectify those as soon as possible.

If you are interested in purchasing any of C.S. Woolley’s books (or the arm ring merchandise that accompanies the Children of Ribe series) you can buy them direct from our Etsy Store. All the books in the Children of Ribe and Children of Snotingas series come with free UK postage and packaging, the option of having the books signed by the author, free gift wrapping and a free coloured overlay that comes in a choice of six colours.

For parents and student of Lindow Community Primary School, all orders placed through the Etsy Store by the end of Monday 6th March will be brought to the school by C.S. Woolley on Friday  10th March – all signed by the author.

World Book Day is fast approaching, and this year we are really happy to announce that C.S. Woolley will be spending 2nd March at Lindow Primary School.

Our company founder and best selling author has been invited to spend the day opening the new library at the primary school and will also be running three competitions as well as two writing workshops with the Year 3 to Year 6 pupils.

“It’s such an amazing opportunity to spend World Book Day with the staff and students of Lindow Primary School. I’m really looking forward to it.” said C.S. Woolley when we asked her about the event.

This is not the only event that C.S. Woolley has on in March, towards the end of the month she has also been invited to run a story time at the opening of a new Boots Opticians store – more details are to follow on what she will be doing there and when!

You may have noticed that we are well into our January publishing schedule, but as the month is nearly over, we felt it would be a good time to tell you all about the exciting new titles that are coming in February.

We are thrilled that we will be releasing the debut novel of Marlena R. Smith, Brothers. We’ll be posting more about it in the coming weeks as well as keeping you updated with the latest titles from our existing author roster.

We’re also thrilled to announce that C.S. Woolley will be appearing at the Gateshead Library event on Saturday 4th February in Gateshead, UK. It is a young adult event that the library is hosting and C.S. Woolley will not only be on hand to sign her books, have the Chronicles of Celadmore with her for fans to purchase and have signed, a whole host of other merchandise that includes greetings cards, postcard, posters and bookmarks. She will also be running a workshop in the afternoon “The Joss Whedon Effect: How to write strong female characters”.

We will also be adding some new sections to the website in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for updates and more information being added to the site. Don’t forget to add these release dates to your diary and check our Etsy store for new releases.

6th February – FEAR by C.S. Woolley (Book #7, The Children of Ribe)

13th February – HOME by C.S. Woolley (Book #8, The Children of Ribe)

17th February – Brothers by Marlena R. Smith

20th February – WYRD by C.S. Woolley (Book #1, The Children of Snotingas)

27th February – When Darkness Falls by C.S. Woolley (Book #7, The Chronicles of Celadmore)

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The first of its kind, the UK Indie Literary Festival 2016 promises to be an exciting event of author signings, readings, workshops, giveaways, competitions and an after party.

cswoolley banner

One of the authors appearing at the Indie Lit Fest is our very own C.S. Woolley. It will be her first signing appearance and she will also be hosting one of the workshops.


Not only will there be a wide variety of books that are up for grabs in the raffle to raise money for Lumos, but also merchandise and other book related items that have been donated by the authors that are taking part in the event. 12675084_1684300918523937_881034556_o

The UK Indie Lit Fest is taking place on 23rd July 2016 at St. James Hall in Bradford, UK. It is free for anyone to attend and there will be books on sale as well as other items of merchandise. Some of the authors are providing people with the opportunity to pre-order items online before the event, so they can be sure they won’t miss out on items on the day. For C.S. Woolley’s pre-order pag, please click here. 12713913_1684301855190510_640289255_n

Some of the authors taking part in the Indie Lit Fest are also putting forward stories for an anthology. The anthology will be sold to raise money for Lumos as well as giving readers the chance to get a feel for the way each of the authors writes. 12714062_1684301245190571_131942920_n

You can find out more about the Indie Lit Fest and the participating authors by visiting the website, the Indie Lit Fest Facebook page and the Indie Lit Fest Twitter page. 12714224_1684301708523858_924209890_n

After the fun of the day event, there will also be an after party that will be attended by some of the authors who are attending during the day. Being hosted by the author, D M Singh, it promises to be an truly spectacular evening with the possibility of a touch of horror.


The UK Indie Lit Fest is being brought to you by the Cillian Press and Follow This Publishing.12735885_1684301715190524_1607810175_n

The Bumper Book Quiz promises to be suitable for people of all ages and test the bookish knowledge of all those that decide to take it on. The quiz is being brought to everyone by author, Chris Turnbull.


The indie author community is one that is not only supportive of events and other authors in the community, but of charities as well. The chosen charity for the UK Indie Lit Fest is Lumos.


The event promises to be a day (and night) of bookish fun and is open for anyone to attend. The majority of people attending are expected to be from the Bradford area, but as the authors are travelling from all over the country (and video conferencing in from other continents) it is an event that is well worth spending the weekend in Bradford for.