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MURDER is here! Book 10 in The Children of Ribe series! Get it signed and before anyone else through eBay before it hits Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other bookstores.

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Though things have been quiet on the website for the past few months, C.S. Woolley has not been resting on her laurels when it comes to her books. Besides releasing TREASON (book 9 The Children of Ribe), Manhunt (Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren),  Last Train Home (Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren) and Til death do us part (Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren), she has now released MURDER, book 10 in The Children of Ribe series.

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The Children of Ribe series is a Viking series aimed at children with a sense of wonder and adventure, and each of the books have been specially formatted to make it easier for kids with dyslexia and reluctant readers to sit down and read on their own. Something that has proven to have a great deal of success so far.

MURDER is available now direct through our eBay listings – priced at £7.94 each, signed by the author – and will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other good retailers on 14th August 2018.

If you haven’t yet dived into the ancient Viking world of The Children of Ribe and want to start from the beginning with FATE – £7.94 direct and signed via out eBay listings and from £7.99 via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other good retailers.


C.S. Woolley here, As it is #VictoriaDay on Monday in #Canada (which should totally be a bank holiday here too, but I digress) and the Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow books are set during Victoria’s reign, I have put something special together (and #exclusive) for our Canadian cousins.

Ribe Title PageSnotingas Title Page

Every book bought from the Mightier Than the Sword UK eBay listings that is being delivered to an address in Canada will not only get free international shipping, each book signed and personalised by the author, but also get either a free book poster (for the Children of Ribe, Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren and Chronicles of Celadmore series) or three book postcards.

Siren Cover pageChronicles Tile Page

All you need to do to take advantage of this offer is to visit and complete the purchase of one book with the shipping address in Canada!

Stickleback Cover page

Happy long weekend and happy Victoria Day!

Happy New Year to one and all, now that the festive season is over and our offices are open again, we have lots to look forward to this year.

We have more books in the Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow series to look forward to, the next two trilogies in the Chronicles of Celadmore, more books in the Children of Snotingas series, the all new Children of Danelaw books, a new story arc in the Children of Ribe series, the all new space series – Rendezvous, the anxiously awaited Alpha Sigma books, more from Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren, new editions in the Shakespeare Simplified series with work schemes, work schemes for other titles, series companion guides and a new author with a rather whimsical book that has some fantastic illustrations.

If all that wasn’t enough to look forward to, there will be some big changes to the Mightier Than the Sword  UK site that include exclusive access areas, all new micro sites for each book series and a whole host of other changes.

2018 is set to be a big year here at Mightier Than the Sword UK and we hope that you all have amazing years as well! Keep reading!

With things in the process of changing around the Mightier Than the Sword UK Publications offices, we’ve had some delays and reworkings of release dates. To make it slightly easier to know what’s due to be released and when here is our guide to March and April.

March 2017

The Arm Rings of Yngvar Collection is the 31st book by C.S. Woolley to be published. It contains FATE, WAR, WIFRITH, DOUBT, SKANE, SHIPWRECKED, FEAR and HOME all in a single volume.

Brother is the debut novel from Marlena R. Smith and is a Military Science Fiction story about brothers-in-arms.

All Hallows’ Eve in Stickleback Hollow is the second book in the series and takes place a few weeks after the first instalment in the series, A Thief in Stickleback Hollow (which is also the perfect gift for Mother’s Day).

April 2017

April sees the delayed release of WYRD, book 1 in the Children of Snotingas series and When Darkness Falls, the long anticipated sequel to End of Days.

April is also when we see the latest instalment in the Raven Siren main narrative, the Lily & Rose Saga, following on from the Derek Long Saga and finally gives readers some answers as to what happened to Fred and Siren.

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Well February has seen us going from strength to strength for us in the Mightier Than the Sword UK offices and here is just a sample of what’s been going on.


Fear front

Fear rises as courage fails.

Ribe has withstood all the attacks that the warriors of Hedeby and Schleswig can throw at them, but with the snows of winter set about the town, no help comes from the other towns of the Danes.

But the strength of King Viggo is failing. When victory seemed within his grasp, he is taken ill on the battlefield and the warriors withdraw. Cold, half-starved and deprived of their leader, the army at the gates of Ribe seems certain to retreat. Sibel, still a prisoner, discovers the secret of the arm ring that Viggo wears whilst the dangerous Queen Rena makes her move to seize full control of Hedeby.

Only Christian and Eva have yet to find their arm rings of Yngvar as the children reach the island of Sjœland. They know that one of the rings of Lolland is missing and know that in order to collect all eight; they will need to find the arm ring near Roskilde and return to fight Viggo and finally bring an end to war.

You can get your copy direct from out Etsy store for £5.99 in paperback and £1.80 in digital format.


home front

There’s no place like home.

The Children of Ribe have found all but the last arm ring of Yngvar, an arm ring that everyone but Sibel thinks King Viggo Odinsen has. Eva Axeldatter is the only one who hasn’t claimed an arm ring yet and time is running out for Wifrith.

It is time for the children to return home, to bring an end to the fighting and restore the peace between the tribes. But even with Ciara dead, there are still those who can stop the Children of Ribe as some people will stop at nothing when it comes to revenge.

Can Wifrith finally find redemption, and can Erland, Dalla, Eva, Christian, Riki, Pieter, Camila, Beatrix, Joas and Oleg defeat the darkness that threatens not just Ribe but all of the tribes of Denmark?

You can get your copy direct from out Etsy store for £5.99 in paperback and £1.80 in digital format.




They see us only as numbers, as less than them, created to be Soldiers made to fight in their war. But we are more than that, we are brothers, we gave ourselves names.

Some of us will live through training, but some of us will die. Soldiers are there to be killed, whether from their tests or because we fail in our mission. Soldiers are there to kill, fighting in a war we didn’t ask for.

But even amongst brothers there are secrets. There is something that they are not telling me. My brothers tell me I’m special, but I just don’t see it. Soldiers are there to kill and be killed, so why am I so important? Brotherhood will be put to the test as we battle to be the best. I am a soldier, I was made to fight their war, I cannot lose.

You can get your copy direct from out Etsy store for £13.99 in paperback and £2.39 in digital format.

What we’ve done

We’ve delayed the release of Wyrd and When Darkness Falls until March to give a little bit of space between books coming out after having to delay Wyrd due to cover art issues.

We’ve added some new listings to the Etsy Store. There are three new gift set listings for the Children of Ribe books WAR, WIFRITH and DOUBT all of which feature a paperback copy of the book, a digital download code and a bronze or pewter arm ring of Yngvar all for just £35 each! Click the following links to find the gift sets for WAR, WIFRITH and DOUBT 

We’ve updated the internal pages for all the Children of Ribe books and Sabrina.

What we’re looking forward to in March

As  2017 rolls on and we head into March we are looking forward to the first book in the Children of Snotingas series, WYRD, and the 7th book in the Chronicles of Celadmore, When Darkness Falls. We also have the 8th book in the Chronicles of Celadmore, Torn Alliegance and Book 2 in the Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow, All Hallows Eve in Stickleback Hollow, to look forward to.

We are also looking forward to two appearances by C.S. Woolley. The first is at Lindow Primary School in Alderly Edge, Cheshire, where the local lass will be opening the new library for the school on World Book Day. The second is on 22nd March, when C.S. Woolley will be reading extracts from the Children of Ribe books to children as part of the grand opening at a new Boots Opticians at Handforth Dean, Cheshire.

And finally we’re looking forward to the official launch party for We Do Not Kill Children, more details will be released as we have them.

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Due to an issue with the cover art, we are sorry to announce that there is a slight delay in releasing WYRD, book 1 in the Children of Snotingas series. The series is one by C.S. Woolley that is set in Anglo Saxon Britain when King Penda declared that he was splitting from Northumbria and the formation of the kingdom of Mercia.

The series, like the Children of Ribe, is designed to help children with dyslexia have an easier time of reading. But that’s not all, it has also been written to help teachers of the primary school syllabus teach children about the Anglo Saxons.

The cover art issues are being addressed and we will hopefully be able to announce a new release date in the next few days.