Post-Christmas, Pre-New Year

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Well that weird slump time has arrived when the New Year has not quite come to pass and the thrill of Christmas is over. Though the offices aren’t officially open just yet, there are a few dedicated individuals that have dropped in today to check a few emails, write a blog, sort out what we are going to be doing in the New Year and just making sure our pipes are still in one piece after the drop in temperature and snow storm.

The good news is the pipes are holding up fine and there hasn’t been a great flood to welcome us back after Christmas.

We’ve got some great news for those who are after a bargain when it comes to books – we’ve got a 66% off sale for January on most titles and to be extra helpful we’ve listed the books, discount code and direct links below. Each of the title is discounted in all formats for digital readers so whether you have a kindle, kobo or prefer PDFs you can get a great deal this January.

Shroud of Darkness – SL76B

Lady of Fire – TN84S

Kevin Metis Saga – BK85T

Derek Long Saga – MP97T

All you need to do to get the discounts is add the books to your basket and then enter the codes as coupons when you checkout!

Wishing you a happy New Year with a sneak peak at one of the maps we’ll be official unveiling on 1st January from the Chronicles of Celadmore series. It’s the rough guide but the polished version is soon to follow.

web SoD map