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We’re moving back to Viking Denmark today for another extract from the Children of Ribe series with book 4, DOUBT. The series has been written to not only open up the world of Norse magic and myth for children, but also to help encourage children with dyslexia to read.

DOUBT: An extract

Pieter didn’t like travelling on ships. He got seasick after a few minutes on rafts, let alone in ships that crossed the Kattegat. Camila and Beatrix didn’t seem to be at all phased by travelling across the sea, even when the waves came over the side of the ship.

When land was sighted, Pieter was so relieved that he momentarily forgot his sickness; that is until he tried to stand.

“Pieter! It’s them! Look!” Camila shouted excitedly as the ship drew close enough to the shores of Fyn so that both Camila and Beatrix could see their brothers and friends stood beside the sea, almost as if they were waiting for them.

“It can’t be.” Pieter murmured as he stumbled across the deck, his hand clamped over his mouth.

“But it is! Look, Wifrith is there too!” Beatrix was just as excited as Camila.

“Who are the two men with them?” Camila asked her sister.

“I don’t know; they look familiar for some reason.” Beatrix said, scratching her head.

“They are some of the men from Hedeby that attacked Eva, Christian and Erland in Ribe.” Pieter said as he wretched over the side of the ship.

The captain brought his ship up on the shore and his sailors jumped over the side, rushing over to where the group of children stood.

“Where is the witch?” one of the sailors demanded.

“Which witch?” Erland asked.

“There’s more than one on this island?” another sailor asked, looking slightly worried.

“There are three.” Eva replied dryly.

“We’re looking for the witch that gave us gold to bring her here with some warriors from the south.” the first sailor replied. Christian, Eva, Oleg and Joas drew their swords and levelled them at the sailors.

“Why are you looking for her?” Riki asked. Wifrith was stood next to the young boy, but he wasn’t growling.

“The gold was enchanted. When we looked at it on the mainland it had all turned back to charcoal.” the second sailor grunted. The four warriors amongst the children lowered their swords and put them away.

“We don’t know where she is, but we want to talk to your captain.” Dalla said. The sailors looked at each other and nodded to those on-board that it was safe to disembark. The captain came over the side of the ship next whilst the other sailors helped Pieter, Camila and Beatrix to come ashore.

“Beatrix! Camila!” Riki shouted as he recognised his sisters getting off the ship. The boy ran forward with Wifrith beside him to greet the two girls.

“You know when Fjori said that there were three missing from our party, your sisters are the last people I would have thought she was talking about.” Erland whispered to Christian.

“Who are they?” Joas asked as he watched the two newly arrived girls with interest.

“They are Christian and Riki’s sisters.” Eva said with a warning note to her voice.

“They aren’t warriors like you, why are they here?” Oleg asked.

“I have no idea.” Eva shrugged.

Pieter struggled to disembark from the ship, even when he was on the land he still needed to sit for a few moments to recover before he could stand up again.

“Who is that mess?” Joas laughed as he saw Pieter sat by the sea with his head between his knees.

“My cousin, Pieter.” Eva replied shortly.

“Is he a warrior?” Oleg asked.

“Yes, he used to train with me.” Eva replied.

“Then why is he in such a bad state?” Joas was still laughing.

“He isn’t very good with boats.” Christian said with a broad smile.

“So these are the three that we have been missing from our party?” Dalla frowned.

“Two girls that don’t know anything about fighting and a boy who gets sea sick.” Erland shook his head as he spoke.

“Before you are too hard on Camila and Beatrix, none of you could fight before I trained you.” Eva reminded Erland and went to join Riki and Wifrith.

“Do you think they’ll survive training with Eva?” Erland asked his best friend. Christian responded with a broad grin, a supressed laugh and a shrug, before he followed his girlfriend.

“Captain!” Dalla called, and beckoned for the ship’s captain to come over.

“My sailors tell me the witch we are looking for isn’t here. What is it that you want?” the captain asked.

“We want you to take us all to Skåne. We have seven jars of mead to exchange for passage. If you are looking for the witch, she is looking for us. Wherever we go, she is sure to follow.” Erland replied.

“Mead? Let me taste it.” the captain said as he held out his hand for one of the jars. Oleg handed the captain the jar he was carrying. The captain opened it and took a swig out of it.

“Will you take us to Skåne?” Joas asked.

“For this mead, I’d take you to the end of the world,” the captain replied with a grin on his face, “is there anywhere that we can get water and food for the journey?” he asked.

“There’s water and some food that can be foraged, but the island doesn’t have much.” Oleg replied.

“Can you show my boys where it all is? Then as soon as we’ve restocked, we can be on the way.” the captain said.

“Oleg and I will show them,” Erland answered, “Dalla, you should take Joas and introduce him to the others.”

Dalla nodded and Joas followed her over to where Camila and Beatrix were hugging their brothers and Eva was sat by her cousin waiting for him to be well enough to talk.

“Dalla!” Beatrix squealed as she saw the young spell caster and rushed over to hug her. Dalla found it odd that Beatrix was being so friendly. They had never spoken in the village, Dalla hadn’t been there long enough for them to talk, let alone become friends.

“Don’t worry; she’s like that with everyone.” Riki beamed. He was clearly thrilled to have his sisters there as well as his older brother.

“Oh we’ve missed you both so much!” Camila said as she threw her arms around Riki for the fourth time.

“How are things in Ribe?” Christian asked as Eva led Pieter over to where the Anderson siblings stood.

“Bad. The warriors from Hedeby and Schleswig have marched on the town. Everyone is ready for war, they are defending the town. The elders sent us out after the first attacks on the south side of the town.” Pieter replied with a snarl in the direction of Joas.

“It wasn’t Joas that attacked Ribe.” Christian defended their new ally.

“I beg to differ. He was the one that led the warriors to attack the town to kill all of you.” Pieter growled in reply.

“You’re right, I did. I was doing what I was ordered to do as a warrior of my people. I was told it was to protect my home from the children of Ribe who were trying to find the arm rings to start the tribe wars again.” Joas spat back.

“And yet your people are the ones attacking us.” Pieter replied tartly.

“Enough bickering,” Eva said sternly, “Joas and Oleg chased us up to Lindholm and then down to Fyn. They have been trying to kill us since we first met them in Ribe, if anyone has a right to be angry with them – it’s us. They are not our enemies, they are working against Viggo.” she continued. Pieter stared at his cousin, not quite sure what to say.

Beatrix was stood next to Dalla, but she wasn’t listening to what the others were saying. She could hear the faint sound of singing coming from somewhere nearby.

“Beatrix, are you all right?” Christian asked, breaking her concentration on the far off music.

“Yes, I’m fine.” Beatrix smiled. The singing had stopped. She shook her head and watched as the captain gathered up the jars of mead and helped the children load the belongings and the ponies onto the ship.

“What is going on?” Pieter asked with concern.

“We’re taking the ship to Skåne.” Riki replied.

“Why can’t we stay here? We’ve only just arrived.” Pieter replied.

“The next arm ring is on Skåne. We need to get there as fast as we can. Fjori the völva told us where we can find it and that you would be arriving here.” Christian said with an edge to his voice.

“So you were here waiting for us!” Camila clapped her hands with delight.

“Yes, we should help the captain. The sooner we get everything loaded onto the ship, the sooner we can leave.” Eva said flatly.

“What’s wrong with Eva?” Joas mumbled to Christian.

“I don’t think she’s thrilled to have Pieter here.” Christian replied in a quiet voice.

“He’s her cousin though.” Joas frowned.

“Yes, and the only other warrior in Ribe who isn’t a married adult.” Christian replied.

“I see. What about your sisters? Are they married yet?” Joas asked lightly. Christian looked at Joas with a raised eyebrow, “I’m just asking.” Joas said defensively.

“They’re not married, Camila is seventeen and Beatrix is fifteen, does that answer any questions you have about them?” Christian asked with a wry smile.

“Yes, I was just curious as to why Pieter isn’t married to one of them.” Joas smiled.

“Because I would kill him before he married any woman that is important to me.” Christian replied dryly.

“You’re starting to sound like Eva.” Joas teased.

“In this case, that’s not a bad thing.” Christian sighed.

It didn’t take long for the sailors to return to the ship with Erland, Oleg, fresh water, berries foraged from the forest, packs of grass that had been cut for the ponies and eels that had been caught from the river.

When the captain was satisfied that everything had been stored properly on the ship, and that there was enough food and water on-board for his passengers, the were ponies securely tied up next to the cargo and all their bags tied down so that they wouldn’t slide about the ship, he gave the order to set sail.

The children were put to work on the ship, Camila and Beatrix were taking care of the ponies, Pieter was stood leaning over the rail of the ship, and the others were helping the sailors with sailing the ship.

They were at sea for little more than an hour when Beatrix could hear the far off singing drifting to her over the roar of the waves.

More about the Children of Ribe

A Viking Saga. The Children of the Viking town of Ribe must find the eight arm rings of Yngvar. The arm rings contain magic, which will save their town from the warrior horde of King Viggo Odinsen.

To find out more about the four books in the Children of Ribe series, follow these links: FATE, WAR, WIFRITH, DOUBT.

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There is nothing better than getting your favourite book signed by the author and when it comes to book signing, it’s a great opportunity to meet with new authors and even ask authors you’ve read any questions you have about their books. Of course with the rise of eBooks, it has meant that getting your favourite book signed is somewhat more difficult – after all, unless you’re willing to have sharpie scribblings across your kindle, it’s surely impossible to sign an eBook. Right?


Thanks to a free service called Authorgraph, you can get eBooks signed by the author. It doesn’t matter where in the world they are based, if they are registered on Authorgraph, you can request an autograph from them.

How do I use Authorgraph?

It’s not a difficult process to go through  –  and it’s free! Choose to sign up to the site and either create an account by filling in the form or choose to connect to Authorgraph through twitter.

Once you’ve created the account (if you are using twitter you’ll have to fill in a few personal details in your account section) and you’ve verified it using your email – you’re ready to go!

Using Authorgraph is simple once you’ve logged in.


First you find the author or the book that you want to get authorgraphed by using the search bar at the top of the page. Once you’ve found the book, then you simply click on request authorgraph!


The next screen you see gives you the option of sending a message to the author. This could be a question you want an answer to, something you really liked about the book or something for them to include in the dedication to you. If you don’t want to send a message and are happy with whatever the author will inscribe, then click “skip”. If not, type in your message and click “add message”.


Then you’ll get a confirmation that your request has been sent. Now all that you have to do is wait until the author sees the request and signs your eBook for you.

What if I am an author and want to register on Authorgraph?

It’s free for any author to register on Authorgraph and the process is the same as the process for signing up as a reader. Once you have verified your email with the site, you simply click add my books and using the ASIN of your kindle books (one at a time) you can add them to your authorgraph account.

You can choose to sign using a generated signature on the site or using the drawing tool. If you don’t have a digital pen (or aren’t used to creating a signature with a mouse or your finger) then you might want to stick with the generated signature. You can also add a personalised message to your reader too!

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Authorgraph might just be one of our favourite things in the writing world, not only because you can reach out to authors without having to wait in line for hours to get an autograph or an inscription, but because you can see all the works by an author that are listed on the site, you can instantly see if any are missing from your own collection!

The other pretty cool feature of Authorgraph is that when the author uses a signature they’ve signed themselves, you get to watch it appear as though they are writing it as you open your fulfilled request.


1653262_357761791031816_392327553_nWhen eBooks first exploded onto the scene near a decade ago (yes, it’s been a long time, we know) there were people that said that paperbacks would fall by the wayside like cassettes did in the wake of CDs, but that hasn’t happened.

Much like the Blu-ray and DVD – eBooks and paperback books continue to co-exist alongside each other. In fact, if you’re an author that doesn’t have paperback books, many people will turn scornful looks in your direction. The reason for this is that we simply love paperbacks. We love physically holding books and the joy that comes from turning the pages, feeling the texture of the cover and the scent that books have.

In the Library in Doctor Who, thousands of years in the future, the books were all paperbacks (granted they had a rather deadly other side to them, but that’s sort of getting away from our point) – there is something about reading a paperback that satisfies something in us that digital books can’t quite compete with.

That isn’t to say that eBooks are bad, far from it, eBooks have allowed people to try reading new authors for little to no outward cost. For authors with extensive catalogues, readers are able to purchase all of their work without having to sell their first born to pay for all the titles. There are even many readers out there that will buy an eBook and then choose to purchase the paperbacks afterwards.

But what is it about paperbacks that mean even with the cost and size elements being solved by eBooks, we still want our paperbacks?

We’ve been wrestling with this question for a few days now (well since C.S. Woolley brought it up when she came back from the CEO Sleepout in Nottingham) and we think we have an answer.

Reading a paperback is an experience. There is something tangible in the book you are holding, the bookmark that saves your place, the notes that you scribble alongside parts of the text, the stains where you have spat out your tea in shock, the thumbprints where the paper has been dented because you were gripping the books so hard, the smell that is as welcoming as a roaring fire. We love paperbacks because they bring books to life for us in a way that digital copy just can’t quite compete with and give us something to throw when we are frustrated, cuddle when we’re upset and drop in the bath when we’re not paying quite enough attention.

As you may have noticed, we have a number of locations that you can buy officially sanctioned merchandise from, however most of this isn’t directly available from us. But we do have an etsy store that you can purchase eBooks, paperback books and even posters directly from us.

Our current range of products includes:

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The paperback and digital copies of Rising Empire: Part 1, Book 1 in The Chronicles of Celadmore

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Are you already enjoying the Rising Empire trilogy? Then you can get the next three books in the Chronicles of Celadmore as a single boxset:

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Beginnings best seller

The life of a private investigator is not the glamorous one that the movies would have you believe – join Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren in Beginnings, Book 1

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The life of a private investigator is not the glamorous one that the movies would have you believe – join Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren in the Derek Long Saga, Book 3

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FATE bestseller

A viking saga for children, Fate is the ideal book for children from ages 5 to 500.

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Map Poster

If you already have your copy of Fate, then the map of Viking Denmark is the ideal accessory to put on your wall.

Printed on 135 gsm, A3 paper and coated with a gloss finish, the map is the perfect way to track the adventures of Erland, Eva, Christian, Dalla, Riki and Wifrith.

Map £7 including international shipping


Journey into the not too distant future and discover what it’s like to live in space and experience life on Planet Earth for the first time through the eyes of Michael Morgan

Paperback £11.98

Domestic shipping is free. International shipping is set at £2.51

Looking for somewhere to get away to this summer? Don’t have a huge budget to spend on expensive hotels and five star dining? Well, we at Mightier Than the Sword UK have the solution – why not try holidaying in Celadmore?

Summer in Celadmore 01

Celadmore is a realm that offers a wide range of different destinations with activities and landscapes to suit even the fussiest of holiday makers.

Kasna Beach 1

Prince Kasna Nosfa, Rising Empire: Part2

There are beaches galore to be found in Celadmore, but the finest beaches we have to offer can be found around the sun-drenched shores of the Silver Ocean.

Venetia Stars 1

Queen Venetia Silvermoore, Lady of Fire

You aren’t limited to activities in the daytime either – the night skies in Celadmore are some of the finest you’ll see anywhere in the universe, making Celadmore the perfect destination for those who love to stargaze.

Misna Champions 1

Raven General Misna, Rising Empire: Part 1

Our warriors are proud of the blood that flows through their veins and compete in often brutal competitions to show the superiority of their race. You may have heard rumours of the war of the Nine Kingdoms, the Dragonian Wars, the War of the East and the Conquest of Aksoth’s forces, but we can assure you, these are nothing more than unsubstantiated gossip.*

Alacana Abbey 1

Queen Alacana Ramos, Shroud of Darkness

Of course, Celadmore has it’s quiet side as well. The plains of Celadmore are littered with abbeys and temples that offer a place for quiet reflection and escape from the rush of everyday life. There are rules about who can enter some of the abbeys and temples though, so be sure to check before you set of to visit them.

Kasnata Mountains 1

Queen Kasna Nosfa, Rising Empire: Part 1

For those who prefer a cool climate and snow sports, the Blue Mountains offer the perfect setting for ice climbing, trekking on our stunning glaciers, skiing and snowboarding, though we do advise you watch out of the wildlife that inhabits the area, some of it is more than a little unfriendly.

Gruagadon Ruins 1

Prince Gruagadon Tutesk, End of Days

There are lots of historic ruins the visit across Celadmore, some more recent than others, that give you the opportunity to experience our rich history and discover some of the darker secrets of the realm.

Rathe Mountains Small 1

General Rathe Bird, Rising Empire: Part 1

It’s not just the surface of Celadmore that you can explore, there are also all the cave cities and settlements that are carved into the hill and mountainsides across the realm.

Kia Fields 1

Princess Kia Nosfa, Rising Empire: Part 2

For those who are much more interested in nature than in exploring the human elements of Celadmore, there are a plethora of wide open spaces to be explored and experienced and enough native wildlife to keep even the most experienced entomologists happy.

twin swords 1

Queen Venetia Silvermoore and Queen Alacana Ramos, Shroud of Darkness

*Mightier Than the Sword UK accepts no responsibility for wars breaking out across Celadmore. If you find yourself in the middle of a battle, we advise you hide or pick up a sword.

Misna Dragons 1

Raven General Misna, Rising Empire: Part 3

The Chronicles of Celadmore is a fantasy book series by C.S. Woolley and features the following titles:

Rising Empire: Part 1, Rising Empire: Part 2, Rising Empire: Part 3, Shroud of Darkness, Lady of Fire and End of Days are all available in digital and paperback format from a wide range of booksellers around the world. Digital copies start from just 59p per copy (kobo).

Coming Soon

WDF Coming

We’ve just created a new newsletter mailing list!

If you want to stay informed about all the latest news from Mightier Than the Sword UK then simple click HERE to sign up.

RE 2

We are also very pleased to confirm that Rising Empire: Part 2, the sequel to Rising Empire: Part 1 (funny that), is being released on Tuesday 14th July!

RE 1 & RE 2 banner

To celebrate the release of C.S. Woolley’s 15th book, the Kevin Metis Saga will be free to download from amazon on 14th July to 18th July and Rising Empire: Part 1 will be free to download from amazon on 15th July only.

Kevin Metis Free Days

Front End of Days 1200Yes it’s just 5 days to go until End of Days will be released in paperback and digital format and we are all very excited about it!

End of Days marks the third and final installment in the Venetia, Gruagadon and Aksoth Story arc in the Chronicles of Celadmore and it promises to be something pretty spectacular.

“There is so much to go through in this book, much more than I thought when I first started writing it.” C.S. Woolley told us earlier today when we were talking to her about how she felt about bringing an end to a trilogy that she first started working on over 15 years ago!

“It doesn’t feel like it’s been 15 years since I first started writing about Venetia and Gruagadon. Originally it was one book called Sparrow’s Flight, the name was one of the first things to change as I went through writing it. After 12 years of working and going back and changing things and getting finally finishing what was Shroud of Darkness, I realised that there was so much more I wanted to do with the story and it had to be broken down into three books. This led to Lady of Fire and End of Days being created.”

This book goes through and ties up some of the loose ends of the previous books and answers questions about what happened to certain characters. “There are old faces like Dominia, Crxyander, Gevana and Merchi still in there, as well as larger roles for the Eight and even some brand new characters making appearances.”

But is this the end for the Chronicles of Celadmore?

“No, the Chronicles of Celadmore doesn’t end here. After Rising Empire: Part 2 and Rising Empire: Part 3 come out later this year, I will be working on the next story arc but I am not giving away any details about was is going to happen next. All I can promise is that there are plans and plot lines all in place for another 12 books after End of Days as well as plans for a fifteen part series focusing on the Dragonian Wars.”

Fans of Celadmore can rest assured that End of Days is not the end, but as the tagline from Rising Empire: Part 1 says “This is just the beginning.”

As part of the launch for End of Days there is a crowdspeaking campaign being run by C.S. Woolley on HeadTalker. If you want to help support it and join in with all the release day joy then simply visit the headtalker campaign page and sign up to tweet, tumble or facebook about the book!

FrontRERedesign300For all those ebook readers out there – Smashwords is currently running a site wide promotion with hundreds of books available with 75% off, 50% off and 25% off with the codes RAE75, RAE50 and RAE25.

Rising Empire: Part 1, Shroud of Darkness, Lady of Fire, Standing by the Watchtower, the Kevin Metis Saga and the Derek Long Saga are all available for just $1.50 with the discount code RAE50.

Follow the links below to get your hands on these ebooks at the discounted price. This offer is only until 7th March 2015 is get your kindle, iBooks, Kobo and nook book compatible ebooks whilst you can!

As some of you out there may be aware, there are weeks when we here at Mightier Than the Sword UK end up putting in six days of work and some very late nights too (yes we do know it’s 2am, but we’ve had a lot to do). It’s on these weeks when we know there is a lot on that we can’t help but get the Wednesday Blues. It’s a bit like the mean reds that Audrey Hepburn talks about in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but rather than going around a department store in New York City we have our own little cure.

As book people you might think this involves going to a library or favourite book shop and if it were just the blues we were suffering from then you would be right. But when we have the Wednesday Blues there is but one cure – a visit to our local Grainger Games. Now there are those out there who will assume that it is because it is filled with technology, console games and other items to make geeks dance with joy and yes there is that aspect to it. What really chases away our Wednesday Blues is however the three wonderful people who work there – Mike, Dave and Sian.

Fun and friendly, they also remember us when we walk through the doors which is a wonderful thing in itself, but what makes it even better is no matter how badly we are suffering from the Wednesday Blues, these guys know how to make us laugh and fill us full of energy so that we can come right on back to work – possibly carrying more than we were when we entered the shop. So thank you, you three wonderful people for being our cure to the Wednesday Blues!

In other news, new lines have been added to the Cafepress store and there are now some pictures of some of the merchandise that you can purchase from the cafepress store over on our merchandise page.

Rising Empire: Part 1, Shroud of Darkness and Lady of Fire are all now available for £2.50 each from the Birdcage and Butterfly Etsy store in digital format (mobi, epub, PDF and rtf)

Other than that, the week is now half over! Rejoice and remember: