Good Morning Monday!

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Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 1 has made its way back into the Top 100 best sellers on What a great way to start the week for all of us here at Mightier Than the Sword UK.

We’ve got so much planned and so much we can’t talk about but hopefully you’ll start to see the fruits of our labour over the next few weeks.

For those who are anxious about upcoming titles we can reveal that Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 3 will be published on 28th February 2015. Pre-orders will be available on some platforms from 19th January 2015.

End of Days is coming along nicely from what we have seen – and we must admit we are all itching to find out how everything ends for Venetia, Gruagadon, Gevana, Dominia, Cryxander, Merchi, Tatinia and all the other characters in this particular story arc of the Chronicles of Celadmore. We know it’s going to be a hard fight for them and we also know that C.S. Woolley isn’t afraid to kill off her characters!

Both Sarah Ransom and Harry Mirfin have some new books headed our way but as yet we don’t have any details we are allowed to let you have just yet – but gives time and we shall reveal all!

It’s also come to our attention that we still haven’t taken down the Christmas decorations in the office yet and the more superstitious amongst are number are starting to get quite irritated by the fact, so when we shut up shop tonight however draws the short straw will be boxing everything up for another year.

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Noise Trade & other news

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Well it has been yet another busy and exciting week here at Mightier Than the Sword UK. We’ve seen C.S. Woolley finished her NaNoWriMo challenge and quite a few of the other members of our little family get close to their 50,000 word count goal with just 9 days to go!

We have a new author coming on board, but we will have more details about that as things unfold over the next few weeks and plans come together.

The Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren book shorts are a go! We are really happy to announce that four shorts are due to be filmed before the end of the year and will be available for free on youtube and here when they are polished up to a gleaming shine for you. With a cast, crew, composer and many talent individuals involved in the project we couldn’t be more excited about what is going to be produced. As we get more details, photos and other goodies we shall post them here.

We also have a new book review on the site, Waters of Oblivion by David Lyon and believe us, this is one thriller that is not to be missed.

On a completely separate note, all of C.S. Woolley‘s books are available from a variety of different retails in multiple digital formats for a standard price of £1.90 (price may vary by a few pence) or $2.99 (as well as paperback, but they do cost more). But we also realize that not everyone has disposable income to be able to afford to pay luxuries such as ebooks. Some people may think we are being condescending but we like to give everyone access to what we produce which is why we love Noise Trade so much.

For those of you who don’t know what Noise Trade is, it was originally a site designed for musicians to share their music with the world and if people liked what these musicians produced they could leave a tip of any amount, so that people can decide how much to donate to support the artists who create such wonderful sounds. This has since been expanded to include digital books and it is our pleasure to say that we offer a selection of titles from C.S. Woolley and Harry Mirfin’s A Miracle of Grace on Noise Trade. You can download the books for free and if you like what you’ve read then you can leave a monetary tip that can be whatever amount you prefer (there is a suggested amount that is stated to act as guideline)

Happy Reading!