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Yes it’s Revenge of the 5th which means we are back in the office and nursing quite a serious Star Wars hangover, which means we obviously had to put it on in the office – talk about being gluttons for punishment!

Thunderclap headtalkerDespite what most people would consider a distraction, we have been very productive!

We are thrilled to announce the first Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren short, The Streets, is now live!

Yes, the exploration of the universe of Siren has begun in the live action field. The Streets is the first of eight shorts that are currently in production and dip in and out of the Siren timeline, so there will be some spoilers in the later videos, but we’ll make sure that we give you fair warning on those!

The Streets is set in the book Beginnings so the voice is that of a very young Siren, full of fire and fear and trying to assume the Raven Siren identity, assuring herself, all the while, that is who she is meant to be.

You can watch the video HERE and on the Raven Siren Shorts page

“We just went for it with this first video, no real filming equipment save for a digital camera, a digital editing suite, a music composition suite, audacity to clear up the sound file that was recorded on a mobile phone and no real budget to speak of when it came to costumes. I’m so impressed by what everyone has managed to do with what we had to work with and can’t wait for the next videos.” – C.S. Woolley



Well flu season is definitely upon us and we have seen those here at Mightier Than the Sword UK dropping like flies to the dreaded flu and, even worse, the dreaded man flu.

Despite all this we have some great news – Rising Empire: Part 1, the first book in the Chronicles of Celadmore has gotten itself a book spotlight on Book Viral. We’ve read the review and know that C.S. Woolley is very pleased with it all. Rising Empire: Part 1 is $3.45 on kindle and $12.59 in paperback from; £2.26 on kindle and £8.99 in paperback from

Check out the Book Viral Spotlight on Rising Empire: Part 1 here

We’re gearing up to the big release of Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 3 on 28th February, but fans of Nicolette Mace can pre-order their copy from Amazon and iBooks.

We’re also looking forward to the first of the Nicolette Mace: the Raven SirenFilling the Afterlife from the Underworld shorts that is also due to hit not only our site but also YouTube on 28th February as well.

We’re working hard to bring more web content to the site and looking to have some more exciting news about new titles and more Siren shorts as soon as we all get over this horrible flu bout!

Well we still can’t reveal too much of what is going on here, but we can introduce all of you out there to C.S. Woolley’s Pinterest board for the Raven Siren.

There have also been some new updates to the Raven Siren shorts crowdfunding project – with new crew being added and the details of the project having been updated with new information as well as a break down of what the funding is all for!

Having sat through some of the costume discussions that are currently being had, I can tell you that the crew involved are all dedicated and passionate about this and are working harder than we are to make the project a huge success!

If you want to support the project full details can be found on the Raven Siren shorts page and on the GoFundMe campaign site.

Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 3 is going to be available for pre-order from 28th January 2015 on Kindle, Apple iBooks and a few other selected sites. We’ll post links as soon as the pre-order is live. Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 3 will be available for general sale from all good retailers on 28th February 2015.

Well all the activity that comes with Christmas approaching has kept everyone here at Mightier Than the Sword UK really busy so we’ve had no chance to update the site, blog and to make things worse our email has been down for a couple of days. But everything is under control now so here is a quick update on the goings on inside our little world.

We’re all currently trading our favourite books between one another and finding that Raymond E. Feist is one author that causes an awful lot of debate on character deaths and who the best character in his books is.

We held our annual Christmas party which was filled with food and drink and ended in Halo matchmaking which is, of course, the most appropriate way to end any social gathering. Though we don’t have any embarrassing stories to share from the party, we will say that you should never judge how good someone is at Halo from their gamer profile – it leads to lots of death.

The filming for the Raven Siren shorts is underway! We’ve got some amazing content that we will be sharing – some on the Raven Siren Facebook page, some on the Mightier Than the Sword UK Facebook page and some of it on this site. We’ll keep you posted with release days for each of the shorts and any other Siren related news. It is worth mentioning that these shorts were only possible thanks to all those who have donated to the different crowdfunding projects that have been run in order to get the shorts off the ground and with another six still to go you can still donate to the GoFundMe campaign. The more money raised, the better the shorts will be and there are rewards being offered to everyone that donates.

Even more good news – the first of the digital maps for the Chronicles of Celadmore series will be online in January with others to follow over the course of 2015.

As we head into the evening with the promise of playing through Dragon Age: Inquisition we shall leave you with these photos and crafted into these amazing collages by assistant director for the Siren & Blade short, Abigail Lundie.

Abby Watermark 1 Abby Watermark 2 Abby Watermark 3 Abby Watermark 4

With the weather turning colder it was only a matter of time before germs started invading the office with germs and as we had just gotten back to full strength we are seeing our numbers dwindle as sickness descends.

For fans of Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren, regular posting has been resumed on her blog site and you can keep up with the latest thoughts and smaller adventures that she runs through in her action packed life. There is also more news on the Raven Siren filming front – yes the shorts project is going ahead under the Fastidious Monks filming label and there is a crowdfunding campaign being run on GoFundMe that C.S. Woolley has set up to help cover some of the costs. The Monks have pulled together the most expensive elements including the cameras, lighting rigs, safety equipment and sound equipment but are asking for a little bit of help getting the last few items that are detailed in the project. If you can support financially then that’s great but sharing the link on social media is appreciated too.

We have a new book review added to the site: Ahriman: The Spirit of Destruction that seems to have captured the imagination and led to all sorts of discussions about strong women so naturally Joss Whedon has been greatly talked of amongst others.

As people are complaining about colds and flu and even chest infections we would like to leave you all with the thought that whiskey and a good book go and awfully long way to helping you feel better.




Well it has been yet another busy and exciting week here at Mightier Than the Sword UK. We’ve seen C.S. Woolley finished her NaNoWriMo challenge and quite a few of the other members of our little family get close to their 50,000 word count goal with just 9 days to go!

We have a new author coming on board, but we will have more details about that as things unfold over the next few weeks and plans come together.

The Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren book shorts are a go! We are really happy to announce that four shorts are due to be filmed before the end of the year and will be available for free on youtube and here when they are polished up to a gleaming shine for you. With a cast, crew, composer and many talent individuals involved in the project we couldn’t be more excited about what is going to be produced. As we get more details, photos and other goodies we shall post them here.

We also have a new book review on the site, Waters of Oblivion by David Lyon and believe us, this is one thriller that is not to be missed.

On a completely separate note, all of C.S. Woolley‘s books are available from a variety of different retails in multiple digital formats for a standard price of £1.90 (price may vary by a few pence) or $2.99 (as well as paperback, but they do cost more). But we also realize that not everyone has disposable income to be able to afford to pay luxuries such as ebooks. Some people may think we are being condescending but we like to give everyone access to what we produce which is why we love Noise Trade so much.

For those of you who don’t know what Noise Trade is, it was originally a site designed for musicians to share their music with the world and if people liked what these musicians produced they could leave a tip of any amount, so that people can decide how much to donate to support the artists who create such wonderful sounds. This has since been expanded to include digital books and it is our pleasure to say that we offer a selection of titles from C.S. Woolley and Harry Mirfin’s A Miracle of Grace on Noise Trade. You can download the books for free and if you like what you’ve read then you can leave a monetary tip that can be whatever amount you prefer (there is a suggested amount that is stated to act as guideline)

Happy Reading!