Indie Pride Day

C.S. Woolley, News

It’s July 1st once again, which means it’s Indie Pride Day! Yes, it’s one of our favourite days of the years (the others including May 4th, Tolkien’s birthday, World Book Day, the E3 conference days – well we could go on, but it’s still a pretty great day)

It’s been a bit of an up and down and quiet time for use here at Mightier Than the Sword UK for a wide variety of reasons. In the next week we expect to be making some major announcements on a range of topics, so keep checking back for those.

So as it is Indie Pride Day, we wanted to take this opportunity to shout about two books in particular.

  1. In Exchange


Yes, the children’s space epic aimed at boys between 12 and 16 is one that we could gush about all day, but instead we will simply say that this is an incredible book that is a must read for any space enthusiast – young or merely young at heart.


Though we have yet to do an official blog post about this one, Fate is the first book in the series, The Children of Ribe and C.S. Woolley’s first children’s book. Set in the Viking lands of Denmark, this is a book for children of any age – it’s written as a book that can be read on your own or out loud as stories in the Viking times were told (we’re waiting for someone to attempt singing the whole thing).

Priced from £1.80 for digital copies and from £4.99 for paperbacks – there really is no reason why you can’t find yourself gripped by FATE today!